Indications Point to a Successful Meeting of International Association of Fire Engineers


Denver, Colo., Monday, Sept. 16, 1912.

The “Fire Chiefs Special” over the Delaware and Blackman, Lake Shore, Chicago, Milwaukeekee and St. Paul and Union Pacific railroads arrived to-day, on schedule time after a most satisfactory trip. In looking over the register of the association it looks well for an average attendance, and successful meeting. The principal types of motor apparatus are already on the floor of the auditorium and make a fine showing, but the fire appliance end of the exhibition is not so well represented. Many exhibitors have yet to arrange their goods so that a fair estimate cannot be given at present of the number and extent of the apparatus and supplies that will ultimately form the show. Secretary McFall and Official Stenographer Hart were early on the scene and President Loller looks in splendid condition for his work at the convention. The representation of delegates so far is large and comprises many from all parts of the country. While I am sending this dispatch the attendance is rapidly growing through an influx of western delegates, most of them first convention men. No doubt it is from this section that the largest showing will be made.

Chief Kenlon and Doctor Harry Archer expect a stampede for next year’s convention in New York, while Chief Zoller is just as sanguine for Youngstown. There is no doubt that the contest will be a dose one. It is expected that the tests on Wednesday will be very interesting as considerable improvements have been made in motor apparatus and chiefs from cities contemplating their use will pay particular attention to the results. While there is no topic of startling newness on the program, the subjects chosen will prove sufficiently important to draw full attendances at the sessions. The representative from the Panama C. department, Captain Brown, is present and intends to read a paper on the fire service of that place, which will be interesting on account of its novelty. A full renort of the meeting will be ready for the next issue of the paper.

The Denver Convention

The Denver Convention

The date for holding the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at Denver, Col., is drawing nigh, and for the purpose ot completing arrangements it is desired that all those intending to go should notify those in charge of the special train from New York and Chicago. FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has already circularized the country with railroad rates in order that chiefs may make their plans at an early date. Fred H. Wilson, chairman of the exhibit committee, writes to the publisher of this magazine as follows:

“I am pleased to inform you that we are going to have the biggest exhibit at Denver that we have ever had; everything pertaining to exhibits is coming fine, in fact, I have now been promised twenty-seven or twenty-eight pieces of motordriven apparatus, and about the same line of equipment exhibits as we have had in the past. I appreciate that Denver is a good ways off for some of the boys to make, and it is also a good ways for exhibitors to ship and pay the freight, but I know now that we are going to have a In exhibit, and if the chiefs don’t get there, they are going to miss the best show we have had yet.”

Chief William E. Markwith, of East Orange, N. J., who is looking after the New Jersey contingent, writes:

“F. W. Shepperd, Esq.

“Dear Sir—In answer to your communication of the 13th inst., with regard to the progress we are making with the New Jersey delegation attending the convention, I would state that our positive list numbers twenty-five at the present time, and we expect that by Sept. 1 to have at least ten more. I have again forwarded each one a notice during the past week reminding them that the time is rapidly nearing. We will in all probabilities have a good representation from Jersey, and sincerely trust you will be successful this coining week.”

Following is a copy of a circular which FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has been sending out to the chiefs and fire department officials throughout the country. Up to date twenty-five have responded favorably, and others are expected to tints signify their intention to go before the ti_____ for departure arrives:


“Arrangements have been completed for the trip to the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at Denver, Sept. 17 to 20, 1912. Efforts are being made to have one hundred persons co-operate so that a through special train may be secured with a consequent saving of time and inconvenience. The train will leave New York at 10 a. m. Saturday, Sept. 14, reaching Chicago at 8 a. m. Sunday and Denver at 2:30 p. m. Monday. The route will be over the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad to Buffalo, Lake Shore to Chicago and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Union Pacific to Denver. The train will be made up of stateroom car. observation car, dining car and Pullman equipment throughout. Meals from 75 cents to $1 or a la carte. The fare from New York to Denver and return is $63.30, and for sleeping accommodation $8.80 upper berth, $11 lower berth, stateroom $31 and drawing room $39 each way. This special train will be called ’The Fire Chiefs’ Special,’ and will run through to Denver for the accommodation of delegates and friends to the convention. By using this trip you will have every comfort and convenience, and will enable your friends to enjoy the same privileges. Make up your mind as soon as possible, and notify either the D., L. & W. Railroad at 1183 Broadway, or FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, 136 West Twenty-second street. New York, when reservation will he secured for you and any further information you may require with regards to the trip furnished without delay. Remember by traveling this way you will have the freedom of a whole train without extra cost, instead of being obliged to occupy one seat for this long trip. Besides you will have your friends with you to make the trip pleasant. Notify those going to Denver of your intention so that the necessary number for the special train may be made up as soon as possible. Fill in the memo below and return to “FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING,

“F. W. Shepperd, Publisher.”


I…………. expect to attend the Denver convention and use the Fire Chiefs’ Special from New York.

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