The Dream Came True.

The Dream Came True.

The apparatus used in the Hughesville Fourth of July parade by the Darktown Fire Brigade arrived in the city early this morning on the Reading road and was run onto a siiling near the freight depot. Shortly afterward a colored man came along, and after curiously sizing up the apparatus remarked to a gentleman close by :

“ Was der a fire las nite, boss ?’’

“ Yes, sir,” smilingly replied the man, who once saw the darkey’s earnestness.

“ Well, now, 1 just thought der wus a fire, for my wife las nite dreamed dat der was a fire somewhar out of town, and dat the fire engines and hose carts were loaded on the rahs and sent to help outen it. Dat’s so for a certain fac

dat dream came true, deed it did, boss.”

With this the unsuspecting colored individual walked off, and to his estimable wife he will undoubtedly tell how true was her wonderful dream.— Williamspott (Pa.) Republican.

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