From the report of Chief Engram, of the Dublin Fire Brigade, we gather the following particulars:

The Brigade consists of 1 Chief, 3 officers, 20 first class, 1 third class, and 5 fourth class Firemen ; 2 medium size Steam Fire Engines, 3 first class Hand Engines, 1 Hose Carriage and 2 Jumpers, and 8 Fire Escape Stations.

The total number of alarms received during the year 1880 was 301; of these 5 were false; 191 proved to be chimney fires; 105 were fires, of which one resulted in total destruction of buildings, 7 in serious damage, 93 slight, 2 hay-ricks, and 2 not attended. Thpre were 5 fires outsidp the city.

The Chief appends a rough estimate (the greater part of which was furnished by insurance offices) of the amount of property destroyed and saved within the last ten years, in which the brigade were employed, showing the number of fires in each year, amount of property destroyed, and amount saved :

Expenses during the year turning out to fires, horsing Engines, Hose Carriage, Hose Jumpers, Tool Cart, e’c.. amounted to .£85.53. Amount recouped, under sections 9 and 10, Fire Brigade Act, was £15. 123. 3d. The total wages paid to men of Fire Brigade from 1st of January, 1880, to 31st of December, 1880, amount to £1,761. 33. 1 d.

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