The annual report of Chief Thomas P. Purcell, of the Dublin, Ireland, Fire Brigade Department, being the department’s fifty-third annual report and covering the year ending December 31, 1015, states the brigade received 221 calls to fires or supposed fires, a decrease of 30 calls and three fires, as compared with the previous year. Of these calls 181 were fires in the city, 13 were to fires or other special work outside the city, 38 were to chimney fires, two houses which had fallen, 9 false alarms, of which all but three were maliciously given. Seven city fires, having caused losses of over 500 pounds in each case, are classed as serious; 22 resulted in medium losses varying between £50 and £500, and 130 where damage was slight and loss in every case under £50. Only for a serious loss incurred in the Northumberland Works, both number and gross loss from fires in the city would be well normal. The total value of the property exposed to risk from fires in the city to which the Brigade attended was estimated at £035,584, and the loss, carefully ascertained from several sources, was £41,981, one fire accounting for £33,400 of the whole. With the exception of £253 the losses were all covered by insurance. The year was exceptionally free from risk to life from fire, on no occasion had inmates to escape by irregular means, nor had the Brigade to make any rescues—except on the occasion of November storm, when 30 persons, including children, had to be rescued from the upper floors of houses in Kilmainham, which were flooded to a dangerous extent. The Brigade turned out to fires with motors or horsed appliances 143 times, of which 67 were at night.


The apparatus in service is: One steam fire engine 800 gallons capacity per minute, one steam fire engine 300 gallons capacity per minute, two petrol motor pumps 350 to 800 gallons capacity per minute, three aerial extension ladders, 66 feet elevation with water tower apparatus ; twd hose tenders, with accessories, including folding pompier ladders; one hose wagon, one motor ambulance, two ambulance wagons, one trap for chief officer, eight horses, three telescopic ladders, 28 feet extensions; seven jumping sheets and life lines, 14 hand pumps, SO stand pipes, 27 branch pipes, 2 cellar pipes, 13,600 feet 2$4-inch canvas hose, 100 feet Scinch canvas hose, 1 smoke helmet “Bader Patent,” 1 oxygen rescue apparatus. In reserve: 1 “Clayton” fire escape, with fore-carriage and shafts. 72 feet elevation: 1 hose tender, 2 hose carts, 1 general purpose wagonette. 1,400 feet new hose has been added during year.

Safety in Factories.

Chief Purcell states attention has been given by him to safety provisions of the factory and workshops act, so far as they relate to the means of escape in case of fire for persons employed in factories and workshops. Emergency exits have been provided in compliance with requirements. and other details improved with a view to safety. Plans lodged with the city architect have been examined by the chief and necessary suggestions made in advance.

Where Fires Occurred and Causes.

City fires, where they occurred and the causes are given as follows: Occurred: I barrack, 1 builder’s works. 1 basket maker’s, 2 bakeries, 1 camp tent, 1 coal pile, 6 confectioners, 3 drying kilns, 6 forage lofts, 1 foundry, 1 ironmongers, 2 licensed vintners. 1 labor exchange, 1 electric sub-station, 1 manufacturing stationer’s, 1 malt house, 5 motor cars in streets, 4 motor garages, 13 offices, 2 oil stores, 7 open spaces, 1 printer’s, 36 residences. 2 sanatoriums, 1 school, 3 ships, 1 stationer’s shop, 21 stores, 7 tailor and drapers, 32 tenements, 7 unoccupied houses. 1 whiskey distillery. Caused by: Two airing linen. 2 arson, 2 burning rubbish, 2 burning soot, 2 children with lights, 30 defective constructions, 1 explosion of spirit vapor, 4 electrical defects, i electrical flat iron, 6 hot ashes, 1 intoxication, 8 ignition of petrol, 3 ignition of gas, 5 lamps upset or thrown, 1 lamp explosion, 7 lights tn contact, 3 lights thrown down, 5 overheating, 1 painters’ blow lamp, 10 sparks, 9 spontaneous i I f2 unknown.

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