The El Paso Contract.

The El Paso Contract.

To the Editor FIRE AND WATER:

For the information of your readers who might be inclined to accept a franchise for water-works at El Paso, Tex., I will state that present company secured an exclusive franchise for water-works in El Paso in 1882, and a perpetual non-exclusive franchise at same time, and made contract for fire hydrants for fifteen years. The company has a suit now pending in the United States Court to enjoin the city from interfering with its privileges. The company maintains two pumping stations, one on river and one in valley, with a system of Cook wells, with compound condensing pumps of 5,000,000 daily capacity ; two settling basins of 2,000,000 capacity each, one distributing reservoir of 3,000,000, with sixteen ten and six-inch standard cast-iron mains. The company is now and has for past ten years furnished as good quality of water as any city in Texas.


President of El Paso Water Company.

NOVEMBER 23, 1892.

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