The Exhibits at the Chiefs’ Convention

The Exhibits at the Chiefs’ Convention

The exhibits at the Fire Chiefs’ Convention were contained in the Second Regiment Armory, Broad Street, below Susquehanna Avenue, about a mile and a half from the BellevueStratford Hotel. The hall contained some 33,000 square feet of space, all of which was taken up by the exhibits which were well arranged. The following is a list of the exhibitors:

Portable Light Company, 15 Warren St., New York City.

Berger Specialty Company, 2002 E. Main St., Richmond, Va.

Garrison Fire Detecting System. 79 Madison Ave., New York City. Akron Brass Manufacturing Company, Wooster, Mass.

Mine Safety Appliances Company, Braddock St. and Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Overman Cushion Tire Company, 250 W. 54th St.. New York City.

R. D. Wood & Co., 400 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

C. G. Braxmar Company, 242 W. 55th St., New York City.

American Fomon Corporation, Drexel Building. Philadelphia.

Schwartz Brothers, 104 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

Harrington-Seaberg Corporation, Moline. 111.

Fyre-Freez Corporation. 17 W. 46th St.. New York City.

Interstate Coupling Company, 126 Pershing Ave.. Carteret, N. J.

Kilsoot Chemical Company, 1834 Broadway. New York City.

American Magirus Fire Appliance Company, 4243 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind.

P. Pirsch Company, 1308 35th St., Kenosha. Wis.

Wheeler-Schebler Carbureter Company, Indianapolis. Ind.

Oxweld Acetylene Company, 925 City Centre Building, Philadelphia. Pyrene Manufacturing Company. 560 Bclmond Ave., Newark, N. J.

Eddy Valve Company. Waterford, N. Y.

Grinnell Company, 420 Lexington Ave., New York City.

Larkin Manufacturing Company. Dayton. Ohio. •

Lally Fire Appliance Company. 111 Shipley St., Wilmington, Del.

Eureka Fire Hose Company. 50 Church St.. New York City.

Gamewell Company, 70 E. 45th St., New York City.

American J^aFrance and F’oamite Corporation, Broadway at 57th St., New York Citv.

FIRF. ENGINEERING. 225 W. 34th St., New York City.

Everson Ross Company, 88 Chambers St.. New York City.

Bi-Lateral F’ire Hose Company, 230 W. Randolph St.. Chicago, Ill. National Foam System. Inc.. 1617 Sansom St., Philadelphia.

Seagrave Corp., Columbus, Ohio.

Mack International Motor Truck Company, 25 Broadway, New York City.

Ahrens Fox Fire Engine Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Exhibits at the Chiefs’ Convention

The Exhibits at the Chiefs’ Convention

This year the exhibit committee of the International Association of Fire Engineers have chosen wisely the exhibit hall at Louisville, in that there are facilities for holding the convention session in the same building. This is extremely important, both from the standpoint of the manufacturers and of that of the chiefs.

Naturally the exhibitors are anxious to have a large attendance of the men they want to meet—the fire chiefs —at the convention hall between sessions of the convention. They will have spent much money in making their exhibits attractive and are entitled to full attendance and the interest of the heads of fire departments.

But there is another angle to be considered and that is the wishes of chiefs themselves. To many of them— one might safely say the majority—the exhibits form a most important part of their visit to the convention. They derive great help in viewing the latest improvements as embodied in the various exhibits, and in meeting the manufacturers’ representatives. Often the convention affords an unexampled opportunity to obtain needed information on some apparatus or equipment at first hand.

So that, in this making the exhibit hall so accessible to the chiefs attending the sessions of the convention the committee will have rendered a real boon to the members of the association.