There has apparently been a serious misunderstanding over the question of holding the next convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at Atlantic City, as was decided upon last fall in New York. Letters have been received from Seattle at the office of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, which, while the writers congratulated the people of that city and the fire chiefs of the Pacific coast on the fact that the convention was to be held there, nevertheless, admitted that Chief Cook had received no official communication to that effect. These letters, taken in connection with the announcement in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to the effect that Chief Cook had received a letter stating that a bye-law of the association would not permit any change in the place of meeting chosen by the convention, doubtless lent color to the rumor that such a change had been made in favor of Seattle.


Letters bearing on the same subject have also been received from Chiefs Croker and Wiesenthal. The latter wrote that Chief Croker had requested him to relinquish the rights of the association to hold the convention at Atlantic City, and that when the recent meeting of the board of directors was transferred to New York to discuss the matter, he was not allowed to read a letter from the mayor of Atlantic City to Secretary Hills bearing upon the subject of the money to be raised for entertaining the convention “till the meeting had almost terminated,” and was further asked by Chief Croker to sign a declaration that the “town was willing to abandon the convention,” which he refused to do, nor did he attend a meeting of the directors, which was held the next day.

Chief Croker, on his part, writes denying that he requested Chief Wiesenthal to relinquish the rights of the association to hold the convention as stated, and adds that the “chief stated to the board of directors that there was to be no entertainment given to the convention; that he did not care if the convention went to Atlantic City or not; that he simply extended the invitation upon the written invitation of the mayor of that city.” In addition Chief Croker informs ns that “Chief Wiesenthal did not wait until the close of the meeting of the board of directors. but left for Atlantic City, leaving us (the directors) practically in the dark in relation to the convention.”


Meanwhile Chief Cook, of Seattle, had “volunteered to take the convention.” Chief Croker, however, communicated with him, thanking him. and notifying him that, after Secretary Hills had telegraphed to him (as also he had telegraphed to Niagara Falls, on hearing the statement of Chief Wiesenthal already referred to), it was “discovered that the bye-laws did not give the directors power to change the convention.”

Secretary Hills, Chief Stagg, of Paterson, and Chief Croker, will, therefore, “go to Atlantic City to make such arrangements as they can for the accommodation of the convention.” which will certainly be held there on September 8. “The directors (Chief Croker states) are doing all in their power to make the convention as successful as possible.”

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