Prospect of a Very Large and Important Gathering.

All those who are most intimately concerned in making a grand success of the forthcoming convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at Dallas. Tex., are doing their very best and working their hardest to achieve that end. It behoves all the members to do likewise, as the association’s wellbeing is intimately bound up with and in great measure depends upon its being shown by the good attendance of the members that there is a real necessity for the existence of the organisation, and that the gathering is intended not only to afford the fire chiefs of the world the opportunity to exchange social arnenities, but, also, to receive and to impart valuable information on the subject of fire protection, as well as to adopt measures for the improvement of the fire service in general. Towards the attainment of these ends every member can contribute something, if otdy by his personal attendance at the convention—-and no better wav of utilising part of Ins vacation time can be devised. In order, therefore, to make it as easv as possible for all to be present at Dallas, where Chief Magee has been doing his utmost and with great success —to make the best possible arrangements for tin accommodations and entertainment of his visitors during their stay. Secretary McFall has been in constant correspondence with the various passenger agencies and has secured very favorable rates OUT the various railways, while Chiefs Rufus handier, 1). J. O’Neill and John T. Black, mem hers of the transportation committee, have no! Iieen behindhand in hacking up the efforts of Pres “lent Stagg and Secretary McFall to insure for all the members a most profitable time. The associate members atid all connected directly or indirectly with the sale of fire appliances, will find that their wants will lie ample provided for


Secretary McFall writes as’follows on the subject of transportation ■

Roanoke, Va. July ii. t9ot;. Mr. C rhor,i. lusngr Agent. Southorn R’..

New York.

Poar 4ir 1 mobs,’ crcwith eOIY of l°tt.’r (rum Mr. i. C. IJontrici. C.’mmi.too’i (`ontrub ttrgr assooitt(lOfl. it ptrs (rum its htter ths.t th of rates (or tho I ibbrs m,’t.iing is bug hcht opin wiliting for a,, ion or th. Satrn Pusipngor ifkrr,. .` our roid I. a nwmher e.f ihis sso(i.rt ion. utito I.. ask that you urgo tntmsdtate tetto~ u~uu the twrt of Mr ihcison, your riinbrmrtn, aiid wouki most ppetfuItv that you org. the Issuing of Oe1ar rait 14ee $ for the rouir,I U ip. TbIs, in conformity to tha retlun or rh outhcustcrn Excursion hore.jU 8nI the rn ,ssanster u uci.tinn. as the Issuing of a rat.’ Prigbor than the out lssuc.d h the roads west .tt i. Lout’. and Chltr, vohi likiy gust con I.e. Ion and ettta ii Iv d iss I is (a i Ion upon th part or unit’ E.u”tern mømtwra. i trust thIn it nnay hi our ph’s.sure to st~t In eeurtug thi rate mention.d ab~ve Thanking you for your attention to the matter. I am. Very truly yours, JAMES MCFALL, Secretary.

“Roanoke. Va.. July 13, 1906.

Mr. W. Sheppcrd. Editor” FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, New York.

My dear Air. Sheppcrd:—I inclose you herewith copies of letters received and written relative to a rate for the Dallas meeting. I have written to Chief O’Neill and asked him to come to New York and go with you to see Mr. Thorn, of the Southern railway, and urge upon him the importance of his line taking favorable action .in the meeting of tile Southeastern Passenger association looking to the granting of a one-fare rate plus ⅜2 for the Dallas meeting. Unless prompt action is taken, I am afraid that the lines east of Chicago will he more favorable to a one-and-onethird fare for the round trip, which would he most unsatisfactory to our members, and at the same time very confusing from the fact that we have a one-fare rate west of Chicago and Sf. Louis. 1 have taken the matter up with Mr. Bc’ ill“f my city, the general passenger agent of the N. & W. railway, and will endeavor to have him co-operate with the Southern railway. These two littcs will practically control the business from the Southern States, and I believe that, if we can prevail upon them to advocate tlie one-fare rate plus $2. such a rate will be announced by the Southeastern Passenger association. Very truly yours. FAMES MrF,i.r„ Secretary.’’

Central Passenger Association,’ Chicago,

July it. Iflilfi.

International Association of Fire Engineers Dallas. Tex., Oct. 9-12.

Mr. James McFall. gee.. International Assn of Fire Engineers. Roanoke. Va.

—Responding to your communication of 1 Hi Inst. • I ho question of reduced rates on account or above occasion is temporarily being: held in abeyance, awaiting advice as to the action taken I*v linos of the Southwestern Pasensrr association. A number of the lines of this association will compete for tills travel with the southeastern roads, and I presume it Is desired. If possible to avoid a conflict as between the announcements of the lines of the two associations. It is ouite likely that the question will be settled within the course of the next two weeks. Yours truly.

F. C. DONALD, Commissioner. F. W. Va.. July 21. 1906.

Sheppcrd, Now York City.

Dear Sir : I he Norfolk and Western railroad have decided to adopt a rate of one fare plus $ for the Dallas meeting. This action is independent of the Southeastern Passenger association who have not as yet announced a rate. The general passenger agent. Mr. Bevill. informs me that lie will issue tickets from points along his line to enher by vav of I tmphi and Shrev~pnrt or Colunibits and St. Look. our truly, J.~ M kFAu,. Sec rctarv.”



The appointment of Fire Marshal Horan a: chief of tile tire department of Chicago, whose career was given in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERLM. of July 14. has made a most favorable impression on the public, the press and the fire insurance men of that city. With the fire department lie was always a most popular officer, and that populanty has increased with his promotion. In him the firemen know and feel that they have a leader whom they can trust, one who bears the highest reputation for bravery and skill as a firelighter and strict impartiality as an officer. He has just made the following appointments: First assistam chief. Second Assistant Chief Charles F. Seyferhch. second assistant chief, Third Assistant Chief William J. Burroughs; acting third assistant chief I hotnas O Connor, chief of the ninth battalion •’ acting chief of the fourth battalion. Captain Charles N. Heaney, engine company No. 42, who is succeeded by Charles P. Becker, lieutenant of hook and ladder company No. 15. Pipeman Patrick H Sweeney, of engine company No. 65, becomes lieutenant of hook and ladder company No. 17. 1 lie promotions have been made under the probationary rule, and each man will be “acting” till a decision has been reached as to whether they can be made in the class of fire marshals without civil service examination. By the rule of the department the first man on the list should he promoted. The permanent organisation of the department will take place in August.


Charles K Seyferlich was appointed to the department as truckman on August 18. 1877was rn-de lieutenant on June 1, 1887; assistant fire marshal, chief of battalion, on May 16 1834to second battalion, on July 1896. William J. Burroughs was apoointed truckman on March 5. 1885; lieutenant, on December 31, 1888; captain, on Mav 16 1894; chief of battalion, on January 4, 1904: department inspector, on March 19. 1904; third assistant marshal, on March 18. 1905. Thomas ontior was appointed truckman on May 8 1886: lieutenant, on December 31. 1889; captain. July 1 1893; chief of battalion, on September 1920. Charles N. Heaney was aopointed on M iv 31. 1896: lieutenant, on December 31 1892 captain, on Julv 1. t8g6.

A “reform” administration has been installed at Sioux Falls. S. Dak. Its first move has been to monkev with the fire department—an institution which hpd been trained to a very high state of efficiency. The mayor put a blight on ttie department at once and it has been gradually going to nieces ever since. A new force is living got together: hut it will need considerable drilling owing to its inexperience and ignorance. In case of a fire the results may be serious. The citizens claim that it is disgraceful that politics should have been allowed to interfere with the lire department!

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