The Fire Safe Home

The Fire Safe Home

An average of 30 Americans die in fires every 24 hours, a large percentage of them in home fires, warns the National Board of Fire Underwriters, which has just issued a new booklet “to help Americans keep this ever-present threat of lire from their homes.”

The organization predicted that fires would break out in about 1,100 American homes during a 24 hour period, and emphasized that most of the fires could be prevented by following a few simple precautions.

The new 16-page, illustrated booklet entitled “The Fire Safe Home” takes home owners on a tour of the house in search of common fire hazards. It points out the conditions most likely to cause a blaze in each part of the house, and offers specific advice on means of eliminating these hazards.

Topping the list of fire causes in the United States is careless handling of cigarettes and matches, the booklet says, with one out of every three fires traced to this cause.

The booklet also takes up such potential fire hazards as the television set, and explains how careful attention to safety features by manufacturers and pre-testing of sets by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., have helped eliminate most of the fire and shock hazards connected with television.

Copies of the new booklet, which replaces another booklet of the same title, can be obtained free from the National Board of Fire Underwriters, 85 John Street, New York City.

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