For the National Fireman’s Journal.


Arouse! Arouse! the fire bells ring! From beds of ease the brave men spring, And forth from mansion and humble cot The Firemen rush to the battle hot.

No time for loitering. Fall in. all! Brook no delay at duty’s call. The fierce flames leap and crackling burn; The very heavens in scorn they spurn.

A life’s in danger ! Who will save ? Some quiet hero, lion-brave, Now mounts the swaying ladder high, The deed to do, or nobly die.

Alas ! Alas ! the roaring flame Pliys high and hot ; the attempt is vain ; But steadily on through the furnace breath The Fireman goes in the face of death.

With quivering heart, the crowd below See him lost from view in the lurid glow ; Then out from a flood of living flame, Bearing a rescued life, he came.

No braver deed was ever done On field where glory’s crown is won And death and carnage rampant move Than this—to save a life for love.

Then hurfah for the Fireman ! Brave and bold, Let him proudly stand with heroes old ; For no greater love hath one for another Than to risk his life to save a brother.

The Fire.


The Fire.

Hush, hark, that knell

What means that bell?

That rousing swell

It dies, It sinks, in parted links.

Again It thrills! Again it fills Waking, shaking, leaping higher,

Deeply rolling with embodied lire.

See that smoke I See that cloud Darker, denser, wider growing,

Rising, falling, searching, blowing.

Again that stroke ! See that crowd I Rushing, pushing, shouting, yelling,

Love to save, each bosom swelling—

Swelling, swelling, swelling.

Place the engine ! Seize the hose I I .el the water boldly float On the tiendish, flery foes,

And the engine puff her throat.

Hear those names 1 Hear those claims I Save me, father? Save me, mother I Sister, save me I Save me, brother I Oh I hear that faint dispairing cry I No more. Those lips in ashes lie.

Raise the stream I Raise the stream I Oh I love and life are sinking, failing,

Midst seas of flame there’s loud bewailing, Whilst daring hearts the walls are scaling, Scaling, scaling, scaling.

Hark I that cry. Hear that sigh ?

O, that scream I Horrors teem I Mailed in might stont hearts are wielding Axes bright, from danger shielding Life’s last throbs nigh before they die.

Hitshl that clash I Oh I that crash I Madly rising, tearing, dashing.

Wildly flouncing, flaring, flashing.

Red flames lash the broken sash.

Hark, hark, within—a breath, a din 1 Groaning, moaning, clinging, grasping,

Life on fire, a fireman clnsping!

Clasping, clnsping, clasping.

Buch love of kin should glory win.

Oh, God ! that wall. That prayer I That fall I Ruin, wreck, and desolation,

Ravage, waste, and devastation,

Spread death’s sad pall dark over all.

Was It a beam, or brick, or stone Tore here his flesh, broke here his bone? Matted and moiled, floats here and there, Clotted with blood, a tuft of hair.

That lurid glare I That ghastly stare ?

Bruised, maimed, and gashed, soiled, stained, and broken,

Of former looks scarce left a token.

Could those lips speak, how they could tell Of direful woe and fortune tell 1 Kor mother’s grief those eyes have shed ; Kor brother’s pains that still heart bled.

As on that shattered form 1 gaze,

Where deepening gloom emits its rays, Where life might linger, yet is not,

I waver in man’s future lot.

On that brow a thought is moulded ;

On those lips a word lies folded;

Immortal word -immortal thought I What seraph fleet the whisper caught ?

What now is light or gloom, or earth, or air, To that wild stare ?

Or friend: or foe, or joy, or woe,

Or frown, or smile, or trust, or guile,

To that dead glare ?

Truth rests but In the tomb.