Dedicated to the Albany Fire Department, after seeing their brave efforts to save life and properly at the several fires of late.

Hark to the noise ! the starry welkin rings, And slumber half unfolds her dreamy wings, For loud above the conflagration swells The din of trumpet tones and pealing bells.

With speed the jarring engines roll along, And shouts rise up tumultuous from the throng ; Onward they rush, with earnest hearts and brave, To stay the devastation and to save.

Behold yon window ! See the ladders raise! Ascending forms are battling with the blaze. For woman’s wail the soul of fear disarms— Stand back! she’s saved! he bears her in his arms.

And who is he, of tall and stalwart frame, That bore the lady from the fierv flame ? Such were the questions pressed, unanswered, round, As passed the fireman hero from the ground.

She breathes—she moves, and o’er her forehead pale She bends her hand with agonizing wail; One moment more, with frenzy in her eyes, She shrieks, and after her preserver flies.

She caught his hands, and pressed them, kissed them wild, And prayed as mothers only can, to save her child. Roused by her cries, her supp icating tears, He rushes now where danger most appears.

Thro’ the dense smoke he plunged, nor paused to wait, To save the child from its impending fate. He grasps the door, the serpent flames hissed round, And burning rafts gave way with fearful sound.

The scorching beams again uphold his tread, He gains the room, he rushes to the bed. God! what a sight! The roof yields to its prey— The brave Fireman hero bears the child away!

His blackened form is greeted with applause, The Firemen shout, the crowd no longer pause, The mother smiles, she feels no more alarms— The rescued babe he places in her arms.

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