The Convention at Rochester, in August, will be one of the largest bodies of Firemen and persons interested in the Fire Service ever assembled. The attractions that are offered should enlist the enthusiasm and support of every Fire Department in the State. Already assurance of an exceedingly pleasant time can be given all visitors. A number of Companies of other States have signified their intention to be present. We print this week an illustration of the handsome and commodious building that has been engaged for the exhibition of fire apparatus and supplies. The procession of Fire Companies will be very extensive and on a scale of grandeur seldom approached, the following Companies having already notified the proper officers of their intention to participate therein :

Protective Hose Company, Auburn, N. Y.; Wiltwyck Hose Company, Kingston, N. Y.; Acme Hose Company, Horseheads, N. Y.; Protective Fire Company, Medina, N. Y.; Genesee Steam Fire Engine Company, Wellsville, X. Y.; Cornell Hose Company, Rondout, N. *Y.; Logan Hook and Ladder Company, Auburn, N. Y.; Exempt Firemen’s Association, Auburn, N. Y.; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company, Seneca Falls, N. Y.; Albion Steamer Company, Albion, N. Y.; Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company, Cortland, X. Y.; Avon Hook and Ladder Company, Avon, X. Y.; Steamer Company Xo. 1, Oswego, X. Y.; Arcadia Engine and Hose Company, Arcadia, X. Y.; Letchworth Hose Company, Auburn, X. Y.; Ellsworth Hose Company, Penn Yan, X. Y.; Citizens Hose Company, Bradford, Pa.; United Volunteer Exempt Fireman’s Association, Buffalo, X. Y.; Cataract Hose Company, Warsaw, X. Y.; Horseheads Steamer Company, Horseheads, X. Y.; Rambler Hose Company, Long Island City, N. Y.; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company, Corfu, X. Y.; Orient Hooks, Homer, X. Y.; Hydrant Hose Company, Geneva, X. Y.; DeLand Steamer and Hose Company, Fairport, X. Y.; Citizens Hose Company, St. Catharines, Ont.; Protectivcs, Clyde, X. Y.; Hydrant Hose Company, Lockport, X. Y.; Safety Hose Company, Johnstown, X. Y.; Frary Engine Company, Medina, N. Y.; Knickerbocker Steam Fire Engine Company, Waterford, X. Y.j Harrison Hose, Brockport, N. Y.; Sexton Fire Extinguisher Company, Palmyra, N. Y.; Protective Hook and Ladder Company, Palmyra, N.Y.; Red Rover Engine Company, Seneca Falls, N. Y.; Silsby Hose Company, Seneca Falls, N. Y.; Alert Hose Company, Wellsboro, Pa.; Steamer Company No. i, Canandaigua, N. Y.’; Steamer Company and Hose Company, Palmyra, N. Y.; Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company, Suspension Bridge, N. Y.; Tioga Hose Company, Waverley, N. Y.; C. N. Ross Hose Company, Auburn, N. Y.; Tornado Hook and Ladder Company, Ithaca, N. Y.; Every Ready Fire Company, Cobourg, Ont.; DeGraflf Hose Company, Tonawanda, X. Y.; Fountain Hose Company, Cobourg, Ont.; Hook and Ladder Company, Fairport, N. Y.; S. W. Johnston Hose Company, Bradford, Pa.; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company, Batavia, N. Y.


Yes, Tom’s the best fellow that ever you knew,

Just listen to this—

When the old mill took fire, and the flooring fell through,

And I with it, helpless, there full in view,

What do you think my eyes saw through the fire,

‘That crept along, crept along, nigher and nigher,

But Robin, my baby-boy, laughing to see

The shining ? He must have come there after me,

Toddled along from the cottage without

Any one’s missing him. Then what a shout!

Oh, how I shouted, “ For Heaven’s sake, men,

Save little Robin !” Again and again

They tried, but the fire kept them back like a wall.

I could hear them go at it, and at it, and call—

“ Never mind, baby, sit still like a man,

We’re coming to get you as fast as we can.”

They could not see him, but I could ; he sat

Still on a beam, his little straw hat

Carefully placed by his side, and his eyes

Stared at the flame with a baby’s surprise,

Calm and unconscious, as nearer it crept.

The roar of the fire up above must have kept

‘I he sound of his mother’s voice, shrieking his name,

From reaching the child. But I heard. It came

Again and again. (God, what a cry !

The axes went faster; 1 saw the sparks*fly

Where the men worked like tigers, not minding the heat

That scorched them—when, suddenly, there at their feet,

The great beams leaped in—they sawfhim—then crash—

Down came the wall! The men made a dash—

Jumped out of the way—and I thought

“ All’s up with poor Robin,” and brought

Slowly the arm that was least hurt to hide

The sight of the child there ; when swift at my side

Some one rushed by, and went right through the flame

Straight as a dart, caught the child, and then came

Back with him—choking and crying, but saved !

Saved, safe and sound !

Oh, how the men raved,

Shouted, and cried, and hurrahed ! Then they all

Rushed at the work again, lest the back wall,

Where I was lying, away from the fire,

Should fall in and bury me.

On, you’d admire

To see Robin now ; he’s as bright as a dime,

Deep in some mischief, too, most of the time.

Tom it was, saved him ! Now, isn’t it true

Tom’s the best fellow that ever you knew ?

There’s Robin, now; see, he’s as strong as a log :

And there comes Tom, too :

Yes, Tom was our dog.

—Police and Fire.

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