The Firestone Company Not to Consolidate

The Firestone Company Not to Consolidate

The following letter which has been addressed to one of the local papers of Akron, O., speaks for itself:

July 14, 1912.

To the Editor: You published yesterday an article on another big “Rubber Merger.” and made statements which you said were on good authority, that auditors were working on the books of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company for promoters who financed other rubber mergers. I want to say there is absolutely no truth in your statements, and deny positively that we arc negotiating in any way with any bankers or rubber Company in contemplation of a merger or consolidation. It is a great injustice to the stockholders and to the public, who are misled by these wild rumors of high financing, inflating rubber stock values to a point that must eventually he detrimental to the rubber interests and to the citizens and city of Akron, who arc directly interested. The FirestoneTire & Rubber Company will not sell out to, consolidate with or absorb any other rubber company. It is built on a substantial foundation to manufacture tires and sell them to the public, and it is going to continue along that line. It has sufficient capital stock and real cash to run the business, and there is no stock or cash consideration which will change that policy. Very-truly yours.


H. S. Firestone, President.

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