The splendid work that has been done in educating the public regarding the dangers of the so-called “old fashioned fourth of July has brought many reforms but there is still a great deal of room for work. Each year following the celebration of this anniversary reports are received of lives that have been lost and property that has been destroyed in different parts of the country. It seems that there is a certain element that takes keen delight in violating the laws and always there are disastrous results.

It is for the heads of the various departments in the United States to promulgate orders now covering the handling of fireworks and firecrackers. The aid of the newspapers should be sought in securing this publicity and warnings should be sent out broadcast of what may be expected if these rules are disobeyed. Every right thinking man will support the movement we are sure and will help to lessen the work on that most dreaded of all days.

It has been found that mere prohibition of the use of fireworks, etc., does not always work out. Where a thing has been removed it is necessary that something be created to take its place so that the time will not hang heavy on idle hands. Here the newspapers and the other city officials can he of great assistance for it is possible to make many suggestions for wholesome recreation that will amuse the small boys and will keep them happy and busy.

But the Fourth of July even under the almost nationwide safe and sane rule will be a source of worry to the conscientious fire fighter. We can only hope that this year there will he a reduction in loss of life and property over any of the previous years. This hope is based on the progress that has been made in the past and on the splendid record that has been compiled in many sections.

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