The Galveston (TX) Fire Department, as found in Fire Engineering and its Predecessors

Galveston (TX) Fire Department
Galveston (TX) Fire Department

What can you find in the Fire Engineering archives about your department’s history? A local historian interested in the Galveston (TX) Fire Department history shared numerous article citations he found. A few are shown below.

The enormous loss of life and property in Galveston from the 1900 hurricane is well-known.

But that is not the whole story. This city auditor’s report in “The Galveston (Tex.) Fire Department” Illustrates the growth of the fire department between 1885 and 1893.

The fire department was featured in this 1906 report and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1910.

The chief engineer's office, Galveston (TX) Fire Department in 1906.
The chief engineer’s office, Galveston (TX) Fire Department in 1906.

This 1892 item in “Fire Departments” recounts a predecessor to a present-day apparatus accident involving runaway horses. One of the horses was Old Jim, one of a span that hauled Galveston’s No 1. Steamer; Old Jim was injured in a collision with a dray. The section includes local fire department news from around the country: water supply planning, political squabbles, apparatus purchases, amusing anecdotes, and more.

 Fire and Water Engineering's October 27, 1920 cover featured  Great Galveston Wharf fire.
Fire and Water Engineering‘s October 27, 1920 cover featured Great Galveston Wharf fire.

There’s a wealth of fire service history, local, national, and international to be found in the archives of Fire Engineering. Check it out today!

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