The Globe Suits.

The Globe Suits.

C. ROBY. Globe Mfg. Co.

The Globe Manufacturing company of Pittsfield, N. H., claims that today 75,000 firemen artwearing the garments it turns out, and this seems to be confirmed by the statements of the members of the fire departments in a number of large cities throughout the country. Inquiry proves this to be the case in Washington, D. C., Savannah and Atlanta, Ga., Nashville and Memphis, Tenn., all along up the Mississippi to St. Louis, Mo., and lack through Springfield, Ohio. All through that wide territory Globe suits are to he found, and their wearers arc enthusiastic over them, because they arc waterproof and warm and wear well. Some of these suits had been worn for two years, and looked good for much longer service. In more than one case, as a test, vain attempts had been made to wet the Globe suits through by playing a stream of water upon them, and this in the presence of the members of many conventions of firemen. Hut the water never made its way through the waterproof lining of the suit. Win. I’reese. the manager of the company—a man wellknown at firemen’s conventions, as well as C. L. Roby, the company’s general traveling agent, and intimately acquainted with both paid and volunteer firemen east of the Mississippi river, owing to his coming into individual contact with so many of them in every city and town, have excited and continue to keep up among lire men an interest in the exhibits of the suits of the Globe comnany. The sales of the clothing turned out by that firm arc increasing every day, and a record breaking season is foretold for the coming season, not only for Globe suits, but, also, for fire supplies of all kinds, as the company has recently opened a department for the sale of such supplies.

Tn Brooklyn, an organised hand of fire-bugs is at work. For some reason or another they select tenement-houses for destruction and set the fires either at midnight or in the early morning hours. The fires come one on top of the other—by wholesale, so to say, and harass the firemen exceedingly. Special policemen will be engaged to watch business houses near by during the night. Following the example of the Flathnsh residents, the tenement-house dwellers will take turns at night in patroling the house.

C. F H. FREESE. Glebe Mfg Co.

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