The Third Annual Golf Tournament of the American Water Works Association was held during the Buffalo Convention, over the Links of the Country Club of Buffalo, which organization, very kindly, permitted the use of its grounds and club house, by the visiting water works men.

The semi-finalists this year were:

B. C. Little, Supt. of the Water Department, at Rochester, N. Y. George W. Batchelder, Water Commissioner, Worcester, Mass. Lieut. Col. Dabney H. Maury, of the Construction Division, U. S A., and previous to the war, a Consulting Engineer in Peoria, Illinois.

W. D. Hess, Western Representative of the Builders Iron Foundry.

After the “smoke of battle” had finally cleared away, the tall form of the commissioner from the Massachusetts municipality, could be seen proudly bearing back to his home town the Challenge Cup, together with a special silver trophy, as emblems of the winner for 1919.

Commissioner Batchelder was protected by full force of the citizens of Worcester, as he was watched over during the tournament, and accompanied on his return trip, by the genial chief executive of that city, Mayor Holmes.

This year’s winner, on being interrogated, as to whether he might be expected to go after a second “leg” on the trophy, at the Montreal Convention in 1920, smilingly replied, “I’ll be there.”

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