The Halfway Point: MSA at FDIC 2015

By Derek Rosenfeld


So here we are, just passed the halfway point to yet another Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), which will take place April 18-23, 2016.


With all that goes on during a typical FDIC and the sheer amount of fire service technology, innovations, and products being available to the average attendee, there can be a tendancy to have some of that information be lost in the shuffle.


This article is the first in a series of videos from some of FDIC 2015’s largest exhibitors who represent some of the best and brightest that the world’s largest annual fire service conference has to offer, and who will certainly be front and center at FDIC 2016.


Here, I visited the MSA booth and met with Director of Sales Tom Vetras and Product Line Manager Eric Buzard to showcase two of their top products, which are now available at


Here, Tom discusses the G1 Breathing Apparatus Thermal Imaging Camera:


Next, Eric shows us the new MSA Cairns Impact Cap Assembly:

Stay tuned next week for another look back at FDIC 2015.



Derek Rosenfeld is an editor for Fire Engineering.



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