The Hayward Exhibit.

The Hayward Exhibit.

Familiar features at the convention of the international Association of Fire Engineers are the exhibits of S. F. Hayward & Company, of 39 Park place, New York. This firm, known throughout the fire service of the United States and Canada, is the oldest and largest fire department supply house in the world. The widespread character of its business is an indication of the quality of its products, of the favor with which its products are regarded by fire chiefs, and of the completeness of its lines. Everything in the way of fire fighting apparatus and supplies, from automobile fire apparatus through to the smallest accessories, such as spanners, wrenches, etc., is carried in stock by this house. The familiarity of the executives of the firm of fire lighting meth ods and equipment and the practical and valuable advice that they are constantly in a position to offer is another factor that is largely responsible for the success of this well known company since its inception in 1808. One of the most important departments of the business is that devoted to fire apparatus of all kinds. During the past year especially, this department has increased materially through the sales of combination chemical engines and hose wagons, horse-drawn and motor propelled, all styles and sizes of hand and Imrse drawn hook and ladder trucks, hose wagons, and in fact all kinds of four-wheel apparatus.

Some interesting specialties arc being shown by S. F. Hayward ft Company at the Milwaukee convention. One of them, the Really Useful accident cabinet for use in case of injury, has become very popular in the short time it has been on the market, and it is finding a wide field of usefulness. This cabinet is provided with all the needful paraphernalia for first aid treatment, and is most complete in its details. It takes up hut little space and can be readily carried on fire apparatus or hung up in engine houses. The National Smoke & Fume Helmet, for which the company is sole selling agent, is another of its specialities. This device is giving the greatest satisfaction, and has received the endorsement of many fire chiefs. The Hayward-Atlas life net, which was shown for the first time at the 1900 convention, is now an important part of the equipment of many of the leading departments throughout the country Large numbers of them are in use. Among other specialties which S. F Hayward & Company are exhibiting at the convention are the new Hayward Respirator, the Bresnan hose hoist, the Midget smoke protector, the Bonner and Hayward fire extinguishers and the Hayward deluge norzle. The company suggests that fire chiefs when visiting New York call at their warerootns, where a full line of all the fire department specialties handled by them may be seen.

A. R. BROWN, S. F. Hayward & Co., New York.

St. Paul. Minn., fire department automobiles will be equipped with a distinctive siren horn, according to Alderman L. Corning. A proposed ordinance prohibiting the use of siren horns on privately owned automobiles and otherwise regulating their use was discussed.

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