The programme for the coming Tournament of the Illinois State Firemen’s Association to be held at Quincy on August 30, 31, and September 1, is as follows:

First Day, Tuesday Aug. 30, meeting of Association at 2 P. M.

Second Day, Wednesday, Aug. 31. Parade at 9 A. M. Afternoon, State Hook and Ladder race—first prize $200; second prize, $100; third prize, $50. State Hose Race—first prize $200; second prize $100; third prize $50.

Third Day, Thursday, Sept. 1. Hand Engines.—first prize, $200; second prize $100. Chemical Engines—first prize $50. Steamers—first prize ,$125; second prize, $75. Half Mile Foot Race—first prize, $20; second prize $10. 100 Yards Fat Man’s Race—first prize $20. Trial of Couplers—to run 50 feet, break coupling and put in pipe: prize $30 and plated play-pipe and couplings. Trial of Climber—to run so feet and climb 30 foot standing ladder, prize $20. The plated play-pipe and couplings were donated by E. B. Preston, of Chicago. The coupling and climbing prizes are open to the world. The sweepstakes races are also open to the world ; Hand Engines $ioo; Hose Companies $300. Morgan, Wheeler & Morgan, Chicago, will give a prize of a silver tea-set, consisting ot eight pieces and worth $200, to the Hose Company making the best time.

Adams & Westlake Manufacturing Company offer six silver-plated Firemen’s lante ns.

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