A recent letter printed in THE JOURNAL has had an effect that was not anticipated for it, considerable bad blood being stirred up thereby. The letter critized the management of a county agricultural society as regarded the treatment of invited Firemen at the last fair. It now appears that some of the Fire Companies of that place, at least, are satisfied with the manner in which they have been dealt with by the society, namely, the Junior Fire Company and the First Hagerstown Hose Company, the position of the former being shown by newspaper slips and that of the letter by a series of resolutions just passed. There are other Fire Companics in Hagerstown, which have as yet preserved silence on the subject, although as this number of the paper goes to press a letter is received from one who is evidently a Fireman, saying that a document is being prepared, upholding the first correspondent. If the officers of the Department, as a whole, had been called upon, their testimony would doubtless have been of such nature that the true position of affairs could be better estimated. As it is now, on is left to the conclusion that some of the Hagerstown Firemen are friendly to the Agricultural Society while others are not, although it must be said that so far the preponderance of evidence is in favor of the Society. The resolutions spoken of above are here given:

Whereas, a letter from Hagerstown, over the signature of “ Syg,” was published in die issue of Tin; FIREMAN’S JOURNAL of August 7, reflecting upon the Agricultural and Mechanical Association of Washington County, and discouraging a Firemen’s demonstration, to which invitations have been extended by said Association. and,

Whereas, the Firemen of Hagerstown have no sympathy with cither the writer or the purpose of the letter,

He it resolved, That we, as Firemen, desire to repudiate the sentiment and spirit of the said communication ; that the Agricu tuial and Mechanical Association of Washington County is composed of representatives of the wealth, the public spi it, the industrial power and social wortli of Hagerstown and Washington County, and shall have our most hearty endorsement and assistance for the prop sed Firemens’ parade at their Silver Exhibition. That trie charges made in said letter are abundantly refuted by the fact, th t quite a number of companies from sister States, who participated in the Firemen’s parade of last year at our Fair, have signified their intention to be with us during the coming exhibition.

Resolved, That as Firemen, we utterly repudiate the person, known bv the alias of ” Sy.” as entirely unworthy of credit or belief, and as a blot on the fair record of the Firemen of Hagerstown, if Fireman he be.

Finally, That we assure all Firemen, who accept the invitation of the Agricultural and Mechanical Association of Washington County to assist at the demonstration to take place October aoth, they shall be cordially welcomed to the hospitality, the hearts and the homes, not only of the Firemen of Hagerstown, but of its whole population.

We hereby certify that at a meeting of the First Hose Fire Company of Hagerstown, held on August 16, 1880, the above resolutions were unanimously adopted and ordered to be published in THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL.

GEO. F. BURKHART, President pro. tern.

Test:—R. M. HAYS, Secretary.

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