The International Association of Municipal Electricians has come to the front with a rush, and its convention now occupies a very high place in the ranks of such gatherings. The reason is obvious. Electricity now enters so extensively into the lighting of cities, and is so intimately connected with the means of locomotion and supplying power to machinery, elevators, and the like, as to call for the engagement of experts to handle it, and to see that its forces are so guarded as to do the minimum of harm. Bureaus of electricity have, therefore, been forced in our larger cities, either independent of, or subordinate to the fire department, but working harmoniously with it, at the head of which are placed men who have made electricity a lifelong study, and have thereby acquired for themselves a worldwide reputation as experts in the science.

But since electricity is as yet full of problems that must be solved, and since its potentialities cannot be always accurately gauged,these experts meet annually in convention, and by discussing these questions in open forum receive information, each one for himself, while again each one imparts something new to his neighbor. Hence, both physically and morally electricity, like Liberty, is utilized to enlighten the world.

The forthcoming convention, to be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, at Niagara Falls, N. Y., promises not only to be well attended, but also one of the most important of those which have yet been held. The choice of the place of meeting is happy. Niagara Falls is the cradle of electric power, aud close by is the beauteous child that owns that mighty cataract as its parent—the fairer daughter of a fairest mother.

From present appearances the convention is bound to be a complete success.

A report of its proceedings shall appear in FIRE AND WATER, which will be represented at the convention.

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