The Key to Success

The Key to Success

It takes a lot more than mere luck for a man to get ahead in these days of keen competition.

As an example, the progressive city of Winnipeg, Man., with a population of 220,000, has at the head of its fire department D. A. Boulden, one of the youngest fire chiefs on the American continent for a city of that size.

In telling how he won this distinction, Chief Boulden, in a letter to our Editor, writes:

“I have read with the greatest of interest your book’s and articles and am sure they have helped me a good deal in obtaining and bolding the position of Fire Chief of Winnipeg. I have always been a student and base endeavored to carry out my study in practice. Your “Round Table” discussions impress me scry much.”

(Attaining a position of standing is one thing, but retaining it is quite another. The best insurance for both is keeping upto-date anti knowing just a little more than the other fellow.

In this respect you can always depend upon FIRE ENGINEERING to do its part.

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