IT is with regret that we announce the death of Chas.G. Hildreth, secretary and treasurer of the Holly Manufacturing Company, which took place at Lockport, N. Y., on July 9.

By the death of Mr. Hildreth, the Holly company has lost a most capable officer—one who was thoroughly qualified for the position which he filled so faithfully for a number of years. The deceased was a most genial man, and his aim seemed to be not only to promote the interests of the company to which he belonged, but also to gather round him as many friends as possible. His life proved that in this purpose he was eminently successful. The great business concern of which he was the most active officer, bears testimony to his fidelity in building it up, and the fact that all who knew Mr. Hildreth speak of him in the most cordial manner is sufficient evidence that he had not lived in vain.


FIRE AND WAIKR always found him a good friend, and in all his transactions a well equipped and good business man. The blow which the Holly Manufacturing Company has received by his death, following so soon after that of Mr. Lineen, is a very severe one, and we extend to the company and to the family of the deceased our sincere sympathy.

For some years Mr. Hildreth was manager of the company in New York city, and during that time he achieved great success in adding to the large and extensive business which the firm then enjoyed. Through his untiring devotion to its interest, his good judgment, and tact, as well as his happy disposition for making friends.may be attributed in a measure the great growth of the company which he represented.

Mr. Hildreth was born in Lockport on October 22. 1838. and, after receiving a public school education, was for some time his father’s assistant in business—that of an agricultural implement manufacturer. On leaving him he was for a while engaged in the hardware business, after which he entered the employ of the Holly Manufacturing Company as shipping clerk. He was elected a trustee of the corporation and,as its treasurer and secretary, to which offices he was elected on March 18, 1868, and March 28, 1877, served the company continuously up to the day of his decease.

At the time of his death Mr. Hildreth was an elder of the First Presbyterian church—the oldest but one in point of service, having been set apait to that office in 1865.

There survive him his wife, one son. Thomas Hildreth, a daughter, Miss Nellie Hildreth, and brothers and sisters as follows: Messrs. Geo. W. and H. L, Hildreth, of Lockport, and Edward B. Hildreth, of Saginaw,Mich.; Mrs.Louis Viedt, of Lockport; Mrs. Sophia Charles, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. R. M. Huntington, of Hot Springs, Ark.

Seven years ago fifteen El Dorado. Kas., boys from eleven to fourteen years of age formed a junior fire company calling themselves the “ Twinkleheels,” and had a hose cart built for themselves by the El Dorado carriage werks. Their officers were: Foreman, Ralph Telle; assitant foreman, Chester Sheldon; secretary and treasurer. Hector SinclairOn July 4, 1890, they ran a hub race with a much older company and won a prize of several dollars. Hector Sinclair, the treasurer, has kept the money received so long ago and on Tune 2S a new company was organized at his home. Six of the original company were there.

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