The Morning Mail

The Morning Mail

OUR morning mail seldom fails to bring to light something interesting. Sometimes there are kicks: the

knocker wields a wicked pen. Again there are bouquets—and we can’t resist passing on to our readers some of them.

FOR instance, one reader who is particularly interested in the waterworks end of the paper has just written:

I have been following your series of articles on water waste prevention with a great deal of interest. Practical material of this kind is just what we waterworks men want, and I hope Fire and Water Engineering will keep up the good work. The paper is improving with every issue.”

NEXT we hear from an advertiser-—a cast iron pipe manufacturer in New Jersey, who says in part:

“We have just received the Jan. 7 issue and congratulate you on the effectiveness of the use of color in the magazine.”

It does brighten things up a bit, doesn’t it? And we are glad to know that both our readers and our advertisers like it.

A LETTER from a fire chief is next out of the mail bag, and we find that it refers to a plan we hope that many heads of departments, both fire and water, will follow.

Chief W. W. Bridgeford, of Albany, writes:

“The first number of Fire and Water Engineering has been received at the several houses of our Department.

• Knowing the paper as I do after having had it for so long, I am sure it will be of great benefit to our men. There is something new in each issue to interest any man connected with the fire-fighting game.

“I feel that I should thank you for suggesting that Fire and Water Engineering he placed in each fire house of our city.”

ISN’T the idea one worth adopting in your department—a subscription for each station?

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