The Mueller Plant.

The Mueller Plant.

With the closing of 1907 the H. Mueller Manufacturing company of Decatur, Ill., and New York city, completed a third story on their factory building. The addition made room for the expansion of some overcrowded depart ments and the addition of new equipment necessitated by the constantly growing business. The Mueller factory and warehouse and shipping department at Decatur, 111., are separated by College street. This division was an unforeseen result of the rapid development of the company. When the site for the factory was purchased in 1894, it seemed to provide ample room to take care of all buildings the needs of the company would ever require. The development of trade was so rapid that within a few years a new warehouse and shipping department became imperative in order to admit of more room for manufacturing. Previous occupation of adjacent land to the east left only the alternative of building to the west of the factory, and consequently, College street had to be crossed. This division entailed delay and ircosvenience in handling the finished goods between the factory and the warehouse. With the permission of the city council this has been overcome by building a covered iron bridge across College street. This has just been completed and connects the two buildings from the second stories and gives a broad passage way for the transportation of goods from one building to the other. This bridge practically puts the entire business under one roof. While the cost of the improvement was trifling compared to other expenditures made by the company, the resultant saving in time and labor will be enormous. The Mueller company, now completing the fifty-first year of its history, made a splendid record during the recent financial flurry which left its depressing influence on many lines of trade throughout the country. During this period when there was so much uncertainty as to the future that even the wisest of financiers hesitated to hazard a prophecy, the Mueller plant was kept in operation day and night without diminishing the numerical strength of the force. This fact is notable because in similar lines of manufacturing many plants were closed entirely or operated with reduced forces. Catalogue D just issued by the company and now in process of distribution to the trade contains 900 pages and is conceded to be the largest, most complete and comprehensive book of its kind. It lists the complete line of the company and gives those unfamilar with the firm an impressive idea of the scope of its business. The annual meeting of the H. Mueller Manufacturing company was held recently, but there was no change in the personnel of the stockholders or the officers, who are as follows: President, Adolph Mueller; vicepresident and mechanical expert. Henry Mueller: secretary, Robert Mueller; assistant secretary, and field manager of salesmen, F. IS. Mueller; treasurer and manager of Eastern division. Oscar IS. Mueller: superintendent and mechanical expert, Philip Mueller. The other member of the company is Mrs. Ledah Mueller Cruikshank.


As Springfield, Ohio, must secure another source of water supply, it must tap a large gravel-bed lying to the northeast of the present system at the waterworks pumping station. The use of the distributing tile for admitting creek water into the gravel deposits in conjunction with the supplemental svstctn of under-drains does not give adequate purification. The use of water direct from Buck creek is to be resorted to only in case of extreme emergency, and then only after notification of the health officer, in order that the public may be notified of it.

The Baltonorc County Water & Electric entttpany has completed the new pipe-line from Catonville to Hamilton, a distance of about twenty miles. The work included building a new subpumping station, automatically operated by electricity generated at Avalon station, to pump the water from the Catonsville reservoir to a standpipe near Towson, from which standpipe the territory along the pipe line is supplied. The company will begin shortly the erection, near the site of the standpipe, of a large reservoir.

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