The new Eastman nozzle system is proving the most important for general fire department use of any additions that have been made to the service for more than a score of years.

This new nozzle system adds to the average fire department a gain in distance of about too per cent, and at the same time, if required, from 200 to 300 per cent, greater volume of water. This improvement means a great deal to the efficiency of fire service. It reduces the risk from any large fire more than one-half, while one person can easily and safely direct any size of stream with one hand under any possible pressure that can be applied.

The adoption of this system admits the use of alt shut off and fancy nozzles and is the only practical plan ever made for using and improving the streams for such nozzles, which are now made interchangeable with the Perfection nozzle so that either may be kept on for general use as may be desired.

This system runs in sizes of nozzle from 3-4 of an inch up to 2 1-2 inch in t-8-inch sizes, and singular to say their 1 5 8inch, t 3-4-inch, j 7-8-inch, and 2-inch sizes project these large solid streams on an average too feet greater distance than any one-inch streams have ever been thrown, atllrom the tame pressure, and even less than the one-inch noszles.

This new system accomplishes all the improvements in the handling and producing of nozzle streams as described, while at the same time the steady, even, and easy discharge of the streams at the nozzle adds largely to the durability and longer life of the hose. The Eastman system is now so firmly and thoroughly established that the only wonder is that its adoption, like every other improvement in fire apparatus,was not brought out fifty years ago.

Samuel Eastman & Co., East Concord, N. H., are the sole manufacturers. Their new book “New Principles of Hydraulics as Applied to Fire Streams” should be read by all interested in fire protection which fully describes this new system. It will be sent free to any address upon application.

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