The New England Water Works Association Have a Field Day

The New England Water Works Association Have a Field Day

A joint, field day and excursion of the New England Water Works Association and the Boston Society of Civil Engineers was held at Pemberton, Mass., on Wednesday, June 19, with dinner at the Pemberton Inn. The place of assembly was at the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Company, Rowe’s Wharf, Boston, at 10.15 a.m. The program was as follows: 10.30, meeting of executive committee N. E. W. W. A.; 11.30, ball game between N. E. W. W. A. and

B. S. C. E. Captains: David A. Heffernan and George A. Sampson. 1.30, dinner at Pemberton Inn. The menu was: Steamed cultivated clams, drawn butter; ‘New England fish chowder, Boston crackers, olives, radishes, rolls, fried Duxbury clams; broiled bluefish, Pemberton sauce; French fried potatoes, string beans, sherbet, cake, coffee. There was cabaret and orchestra during dinner. The attendance was as follows: Honorary—F. E. Hall, G. A. Stacy, R. J. Thomas—2. Members—J. M. Anderson, F. S. Bailey, L. M. Bancroft, J. F. Barrett, G. W. Batchelder, F. L. Cole, E. J. Chadbourne, J. E. Conley, F. L. Cushing, J. H. Dillon, John Doyle, Frank Emerson, James Fitzgerald, H. T. Gidley, F. J. Gifford, A. R. Hathaway, D. A. Heffernan, W. T. Howland, J. A. Hoy, J. A. Kienle, S. E. Killam, Willard Kent, Morris Knowles, A. E. Martin, Hugh McLean, H. A. Miller, M. L. Miller, F. F. Moore, R. J. Newson, J. H. Reynolds, H. W. Sanderson, J. Waldo Smith, C. M. Spofford, G. A. Stowers, W. F. Sullivan, S. E. Tinkham, E. J. Titcomb, D. N. Tower, J. H. Walsh, F. B. Wilkins—40. Associates—Harold L. Bond Co., F. M. Bates; Builders Iron Foundry, A. B. Coulters; A. M. Byers Co., H. F. Fiske; Central Foundry Co., W. H. Felet; Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., C. E. Pratt; Donaldson Iron Co., C. F. Glavin; Edson Mfg. Co., H. L. B. Watson; Hersey Mfg. Co., J. H. Smith; Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co., T. E. Dwyer; The Leadite Co., George McKay, Jr.; Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co., G. A. Miller; H. Mueller Mfg. Co.,

C. J. G. Hass; National Meter Co., J. G. Lufkin & H. L. Weston; Neptune Meter Co., H. H. Kinsey; Norwood Engineering Co., F. M. Sears; Pittsburgh Meter Co., J. W. Turner; Power Equipment Co., E. F. Leger; Rensselaer Valve Co.. C. L. Brown & I. A. Rowe; Chris. D. Schramm & Son, Inc., J. W. Gleeson; A. P. Smith Mfg. Co., F. L. Northrop; Thomson Meter Co.. S. D. Higlev & E. M. Shedd; Union Water Meter to., H. W. Jacobs & D. K. Otis; Warren Foundry & Machine Co., W. F. Woodburn; Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp.. Samuel Harrison—28.

At a meeting of the executive committee of the association it was decided not to hold a September convention this year.

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