The November Fire Loss

The November Fire Loss

The loss by fire during the month of November in the United States and Canada, as compiled from carefully kept records, aggregated $19,898,450, which figure is about a million and a quarter less than the loss in November, 1915, for which month the figure was $21,204,850. The loss during the eleven months of 1916 shows an increase of over $48,000,000 over the same period in 1915. The following gives a comparison of the fire losses for the first eleven months of 1916 with those of 1915, together with the loss for the balance of that year.

In November this year there were 281 fires which each caused an estimated property damage of $10,000 or more. This compares with 232 such in October, 236 in September and 202 in August. Among the fires during November credited with causing a property loss of $200,000 or over were:

Donnelly, Minn., business section, $300,000; St. Paul, Minn., lumber storage yard, $512,500; Norfolk, Va., furniture warehouse and other, $300,000; Ithaca, N. Y., salt works, $500,000; Chicago, Ill., freight yards and warehouses, $500,000; Muncie, Ind., iron works, $300,000.

The November Fire Loss


The November Fire Loss

The losses by fire in the United States and Canada during the month of November, 1915, as compiled by “The Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin,” aggregated $21,204,850, as compared with $21,372,750 in November a year ago. The losses for the first eleven months reach a total of $161,959,100, or slightly over fifty million dollars less than for the same months last year, when they aggregated $212,084,200. The following table gives a comparison of the monthly losses by fire during the first eleven months of 1913, 1914 and 1915: 1913. 1914. 1915

T’l 11 ill OS. $208,596,900$212,084,200$ 161,959,100 December .. 16,126,450 23,507,150 .

‘rot. for yr.$224,723,350$235,591,350 .

There were during November some 281 fires reported, each with an estimated damage of $10,000 or over.

The more important fires during the month were:

Location—Description. Est. Loss.

Augusta, Ga., cotton compress and cotton . $500,000

Clifton, Ariz., copper mine works.. 750,000

Bethlehem, Pa.. ordnance plant …. 1,500,000

Trenton, N. J., steel rope plant …. 1,000,000

Altus, Okla., cotton and compress.. 500,000

Pine Bluff, Ark., warehouse and cotton . 1,000,000

Avalon, Cal., half business portion of town . 1,000,000

The total loss for the month is about the same as for November, 1914.