List of Officers and Committees of the American Water Works Association—The Program as Finally Completed— Interesting Papers to be Read and Conferences Planned—Transportation Arrangements—Golf Tournament

OFFICERS 1918-1919

President—Charles R. Henderson, Manager Davenport Water Co., Davenport, Ia.

Vice-President—Carleton E. Davis, Chief Bureau of Water, Philadelphia, Pa.

Treasurer—Janies M. Caird, Chemist and Bacteriologist, Troy. N. Y.

Secretary—John M. Diven, Superintendent of Water Works, Troy, N. Y.

Editor—J. M. Goodell, Washington, D. C.

Trustees—Term Expiring 1919, M. L. Worrell, Capt. Q. M. C., Meridian, Miss.; F. W. Cappelen, City Engineer, Minneapolis, Minn. Term Expiring 1920, Beekman C. Little, Superintendent Water Works, Rochester, N. Y.; W. S. Cramer, Chief Engineer Water Works Company, Lexington, Ky. Term Expiring 1921, Allan W. Cuddeback, Engr. and Supt. Water Company, Paterson, N>. J.; Jack J. Hinman, jr., State Board of Health, Iowa City, la.

Executive Committee

Charles R. Henderson, President

Carleton E. Davis

James M. Caird

John M. Diven

George A. Johnson

Leonard Metcalf

Theodore A. Leisen

John M Goodell

M. L. Worrell

F. W. Cappelen

B. C. Little

W. S. Cramer

Allan W. Cuddeback

Jack J. Hinman, Jr.

Assistant to The Secretary—Charlotte S. Edgley, Troy, N. Y.


Finance—George A. Johnson. Chairman, 150 Nassau St., New York, N. Y.; J. Waldo Smith, Municipal Building, New York, N. Y.; Frank A. Barbour, 1120 Tremont Building, Boston, Mass.

Publication—Carleton E. Davis, Chairman, Chief Bureau of Water, Philadelphia, Pa.; William W. Brush, Municipal Building, New York, N. Y.; Allan W. Cuddeback, 158 Ellison St.. Paterson, N. J.; George A. Johnson, 150 Nassau St., New York, N. Y.; John M. Goodell, Editor, Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C.

Membership—Lewis I. Birdsall, Chairman, Superintendent Filtration, Minneapois, Minn.; Frank C. Jordan, Secretary Water Company. Indianapolis, Ind.; W. Z. Smith, General Manager Water Works, Atlanta, Ga.

Convention—Beekman C. Little. Chairman, Supt. Water Works, Rochester, N. Y.; Dr. M. P. Conway, Auburn Water Board, Auburn, N. Y.; John M. Diven, Secretary, Superintendent Water Works, Troy, N. Y.

Nomination—Theodore A. Leisen, Chairman, Major Q. M. R. C., Constructing Q. M , Camp Custer, Mich.; H. Hymmen, Supt. Water Works, Kitchener, Out.; Harry F. Huy. Genl. Mgr. Western N. Y. Water Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; Charles R Wood, Treasurer Water Co.. Owego, N. Y.; Henry B. Morgan, Manager Water Works Co., Peoria, Ill.; J. A. Steele, Jr.. Manager City Water Works, Vicksburg, Miss.; John Caulfield, Manager Water Supply Co., Bismark, N. I )ak.

Revision of Standard Specifications for Cast Iron Pipe and Specials— -John H. Gregory. Chairman, Cons. Engr., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.; W. H. Randall, Supt. of Maintenance, Water Dept., Toronto, Out.; Walter Wood, Prest. Millville Water Co., 400 Chestnut Str., Philadelphia, Pa.; Frank A. Barbour. Cons, llydr. and Sanit. Engr., 1120 Tremont Bldg.. Boston, Mass.; Edward E. Wall, Water Commissioner, St. Louis, Mo.; N. F. S. Russell, 1421 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Official Standards of Water Analysis—Jack J. Hinman, jr., Chairman, State Board of Health, Iowa City, la.; E. M. Chainot, Prof. Sanitary Chemistry. Cornell Univ., Ithaca. V V.; H. A. Whittaker, State Board of Health, Minneapolis, Minn.; Joseph Race, City Bacteriologist and Chemist, Ottawa, Can.; Abel Wolman, Sanitary Engineer, 16 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore, Md.

Cold Weather Troubles—Charles R. Bettes, Chairman, Ch. Eng. Queens Co. Water Co., Far Rockaway, N. Y.; Edward S. Cole, 25 Elm Street, New York, N. Y.; Carlos Lobo, Dept. W. S. G. & E., Municipal Building, New York. N. Y.; John H. Cook. Hyd. Engineer, 158 Ellison St., Paterson, N. J.; Francis H. Luce, Superintendent Water Company, Woodhaven, N. Y.

Private Fire Protection Service—Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., Chairman, Consulting Engineer, 112 E. 19th Street, New York, N. Y.; George G. Earl, 502 City Hall Annex, New Orleans, La.; E. V. French. M. E., 31 Milk Street, Boston, Mass.; Frank C. Jordan, Secretary Water Company, Indianapolis, Ind.; Walter E. Miller, 1719 Madison Street, Madison, Wis. Standard Form of Contract and Bond—E. E. Wall. Chairman, Water Commissioner, St. Louis, Mo.; Leonard Metcalf, Consulting Engineer, 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.; George W. Fuller, Consulting Engineer, 170 Broadway, New York, N. Y.


Local Committee of Arrangements—-George C. Andrews, Chairman, Water Commissioner, Buffalo, N. Y.; Harry F. Huy^ General Manager Western New York Water Co., Buffalo,. N. Y.; George E. Cripps, Superintendent Water Works Repair Dept., Rochester, N. Y.

Local Entertainment Committee—George E. Andrews, Chairman, Harold J. Balliett, Geo. H. Chambers, E. J. Fort, Harry F. Huy, G. C. Lehman, Henry L. Lyon, H. B. Saunders, Henry F. Wagner, Bryan J. Boyle, George E. Cripps, Daniel J. Hibbard, Frank J. Illig, Carl L. Lund, Geo. H. Norton, Wm. F. Schwartz, John Toomey, H. O. Wait.

Honorary Local Committee—Hon. George S. Buck, Mayor, Hon. Chas. M. Heald, Hon. John F. Malone, Mr. Walter P. Cooke, Mr. H. D. Kirkover, Hon. Fred G. Bagley, Hon. A. W. Kreinheder, Mr. S. B. Botsford, Mr. Samuel J. Dark, Mr. Frank S. McGraw, Mr. J. B. McNaughton.

Local Ladies’ Entertainment Committee—Mrs. George C. Andrews, Chairman; Mrs. Geo. H. Chambers, Mrs. George E. Cripps, Mrs. Harry F. Huy, Mrs. H. J. Balliett, Mrs. Geo. E. D. Brady, Mrs. Norman D. Fish, Mrs. Carl L. Lund, Mrs. A. W. Kreinheder, Mrs. Daniel J. Hibbard.


Entertainment Committee—Charles R. Wood, Chairman, L. S. Barnard, D. A. Decrow, W. J. Chellew, George Hays.

Golf Committee—Walter H. Van Winkle, jr., Chairman, Beekman C. Little, Charles R. Wood.

Exhibit Committee—Burt. B. Hodgman, Chairman, National Water Main Cleaning Co.; V. E. Arnold, Pittsburgh Meter Company; John S. Warde, Jr., Rensselaer Valve Co.

Transportation Committee—Walter H. Van Winkle. Chairman, Water Works Equipment Co.; H. T. Brown, Neptune Meter Co.; Geo. M. Kiefer, Rensselaer Valve Mfg. Co.; H. M. Lofton, Columbian Iron Works.

Press Committee—I. S. Holbrook, Chairman, Engineering NewsRecord.

Badge Committee—John A. Kienle, Chairman, Electro Bleaching Gas Co.

Ladies’ Entertainment Committee—Mrs. L. S. Barnard. Chairman, Mrs. T. C. Clifford Mrs. A. W. Hogeland. Mrs. Oscar Mueller, Mrs. Burt B. Hodgman, Mrs. John A. Kienle, Mrs. W. C. Sherwood. Mrs. Walter H. Van Winkle, Jr.


MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1919

Secretary’s Office open for registration 8 A. M. Members are particularly requested to register promptly on arrival, to facilitate getting out early list, and when registering to apply to Secretary of Water Works Manufacturers Association for entertainment tickets.

Executive Committee—2 P. M.

Members having business to bring before the Executive Committee must have it in the hands of the Secretary or a member of the committee by noon. Any amendments to the constitution must be presented at this meeting of the Executive Committee to be acted upon at this convention.

Standing and Special Committees

Meeting rooms, etc., have been provided for all committees. Rooms will be assigned by the Secretary and notices of all Committee meetings will be posted in the Secretary’s office. The time set for committee reports allows plenty of opportunity for meetings at the convention before the reports.


Use registration card sent to you or procure duplicate from the Secretary. Bringing your own card will avoid delay and facilitate the work of registration. Active members use the red card for themselves and white cards for their guests. Corporate members use buff card and white for guests. All Associate members and representatives register on gray card bearing the firm or company name. The usual printed and numbered list of members will be printed during the convention. Promptness and care in filling registration cards will insure promptness and correctness of the lists. Write plainly, use typewriter if possible. Your Hotel address will insure prompt delivery of mail or telegrams.


Nine o’clock—The Water Works Manufacturers Association invites the members and guests to a Reception and Dance at the Hotel Lafayette—informal dress.

TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1919

Forenoon Session

Nine o’clock—Address of welcome by Hon. A. W. Kreinheder, Commissioner of Public Works.

Announcement of officers elected for 1919-1920.

The Effect of the War Period, 1914-1918, and Public Control Upon the Water Works of the United States, Leonard Metcalf.

Round Table Meeting, Damages to Fire Hydrants by Motor Vehicles and Remedies Therefor, a general discussion by members.

  1. Moving Hydrants from Curb to Building Line.
  2. Substitution Flush Hydrants for the Post Style Ffydrant.
  3. Placing “Post Fenders” around Hydrants.
  4. Making no change in previous practice, but repairing broken Hydrants at minimum cost by welding broken stand pipes.

Question Box.

Exchange of experiences.

Afternoon Session

Two o’clock—Investigation of Question of Flanges for Light Cast Iron Pipe, John Knickerbacker.

Report of Private Fire Protection Service Committee, Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., Chairman.

Question Box and Topical Discussion.

Evening Session

Eight o’clock—Buffalo Water Supply with Special Reference to the Filtration Problem, Henry F. Wagner.

Reduction of Water Consumption by Means of Pitometer Survey and Constant Inspection, George C. Andrews.

The Uniflow Pumping Engine, I). A. Decrow.

Air Lift and Water Purification, John Oliphant.

For the Ladies

Theatre Party, at Shea’s, 8:15 P. M. By courtesy of the Water Works Manufacturers Association. Please procure tickets at the Secretary’s Office.


Forenoon Session

Nine o’clock—The Relation of the Chemical Industry of Niagara F”alls to the Water Works, John A. Kienle.

The Trend of Prices. A Symposium by Government Officials, Manufacturers and others. ‘

Business Session

Reports of Officers, Standing and Special Committees.

Report of Our Representatives on the American Committee on Electrolysis, Alfred D. Flynn and Edward E. Minor.

Eleven-thirty o’clock—Special Order, Nominations for Members of Nomination Committee. The District Members are requested to get together before this session and canvas for selection, to avoid delay at the meeting. Each District is expected to nominate one. and may nominate two candidates.

Selection of Place for Holding the 1920 Convention.

Selection will be made by ballot taken after the report of the Convention Committee, which Committee will hold a meeting before the time for voting, to hear the claims of the cities or places extending invitations.

Afternoon Session

One-thirtv. Prompt!—The City of Buffalo will provide Automobiles for a trip to the Water Works Pumping Station, leaving the Hotel Iroquois Promptly at one-thirty. From Pumping Station return to City will be by Boat—A twohour sail on the Lake. Music, Dancing and Entertainment. A group photograph will be taken at the pumping station.

Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament commences Wednesday. See announcement below. Main Street Cars passing Hotel Iroquois run direct to the Country Club.


For the Ladies—Card Party under auspices of the Water Works Manufacturers Association at the Lafayette Hotel, 8:30 o’clock.

For the Men—The Water Works Manufacturers Association invite the Men to a Smoker at the Hotel Statler at 9 o’clock.

Please procure tickets for these events.


Nine o’clock—The Water Distribution Systems of Industrial Housing Projects for Ship Builders, William H. C. Ramsey. Designing Engineer, Engineering Branch, Division of Passenger Transportation and Housing. United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation.

Water Supply for the Cantonments and Other Construction Division Activities, Dabney H. Maury. A “talk” illustrated with lantern slides.

Water Supply for the American First Army at the Front, Lt. Col. F. W. Scheidenhelm, Water Supply Officer in Charge First Army Water Supply Service.

Motor Truck Mounted Purification Plants, William J. Orchard.

Afternoon Session

Two o’clock—The Water Works Manufacturers Association invites the members and guests to a trip to Niagara Falls, tickets for which they will provide, on application to the Secretary. Members are requested to procure their tickets early to facilitate arrangements for the trip. Full details of the trip will be announced at the Convention. Return at convenience of members and evening open.

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1919

Forenoon Session

Nine o’clock—Personal War Experiences, by Members of the Association. Unfinished Business, Topical and General Talks for the good of the Association.

The Ladies

The Larkin Company will provide special cars from the Hotel Iroquois at 10 o’clock, for a visit to their plant, returning to Hotel 12 o’clock at noon.

Third Annual Handicap Golf Tournament for the American Water Works Association Challenge Cup, Buffalo Country Club, Wednesday Morning, June 11. The Best 18-hole Course in Western New York. First Round Play (18 holes) Starting 9:30 A. M., Wednesday. Match Play in Afternoon and Following Days. Bring Your Own Clubs. Mail Entries to B. C. Little, City Hall, Rochester, N. Y., together with your Home Club Handicap. Main Street Cars passing Hotel Iroquois run direct to Buffalo Country Club.


Arrangements have been made with the Lehigh Valley Railroad Co. for special cars to be attached to the Black Diamond Express for Convention Delegates, leaving New York City from the Pennsylvania Station, 7th Avenue and 32nd Street, Sunday, June 8th, at 8:50 A. M., with connection from Hudson Terminal at 8:45 A. M. (passengers leaving from latter point change cars at Manhattan Transfer) and arriving at Buffalo at 8:05 P. M. Trains runs on following schedule:

Leave New York, Penn. Station, 8:50 A. M.; Leave New York, Hudson Terminal, 8:45 A. M.; Leave Newark, 9:24 A. M.; Arrive South Bethlehem, Pa., 11:10 A. M.

For Philadelphia and Vicinity Connecting with main party at So. Bethlehem, Leave Philadelphia, Reading Terminal, 9:15 A. M.; Leave So. Bethlehem, 11:19 A. M.; Leave Allentown, 11:29 A. M.; Leave Wilkes-Barre, 1:50 P. M.; Leave Ithica, 4:50 P. M.; Arrive Buffalo, 8:05 I’. M.

Passengers from Harrisburg, leave, 7:55 A. M.; Passengers from Reading leave 9:30 A. M.; Due in Allentown, 10:23 A. M. For connection at 11:29 A. M., as above.

This is a daylight ride all the way and over one of the most scenic routes between New York City and Buffalo. As it comes at the best time of the year, it will undoubtedly be a very enjoyable trip and members are requested to make their arrangements over this Route if possible in order that we may be assured the best service. The Lehigh Valley will furnish two or more standard Pullman Parlor cars, containing 30 seats each, with drawing room.


Individual fare, excluding war tax, from New York. $ 11.89; from Newark, $11.89; from Philadelphia, $11.10; from Reading, $10.65; from Harrisburg, $10.65. Pullman fares, including war tax: Chair, $2.20 each; Drawing Rooms, $7.70 each.

The usual rule of two or more tickets for Drawing Room will apply.

Dining Car a la carte.


For reservations address all communications to W. H. Van Winkle, 50 Church Street, New York City.

Parties Located in the Pittsburgh District: Geo. A. Kieffer of the Rensselaer Valve Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., member of the Committee, advises that there is a very good train leaving Pittsburgh via the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie at 5 P. M., arriving at Buffalo at 10:30 Sunday night. This train carries chair and Dining Room Car. There is also a train leaving Pittsburgh at 11 P. M., with sleepers, arriving at Buffalo at 7 A. M. Train fare to Buffalo, including war tax, $7.91. Pullman Chair rate, $1.38. Sleeper, Berth, $2.20.

H. F. Brown, of the Neptune Meter Co., Chicago, advises that the Michigan Central have a good train leaving Chicago at 8 P. M., arriving in Buffalo at 9 P. M. next morning, which should take care of the Western members satisfactorily. If sufficient number of Western members can arrange to take this train, it will be possible to get a special car. Present fare from Chicago to Buffalo, including war tax, $16.69; Lower Berth, $3.24; Upper Berth, $2.59. Get your reservations in early in order that you may be assured of the best accommodation.

Respectfully submitted,


W. H. Van Winkle, Chairman. H. T. Brown, Geo. M. Kieffer, H. M. Loften.

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