The Pill-Swatters are at it again

The Pill-Swatters are at it again

ZOWIE! Whiz! and off goes —

The small white hall upon

Its flight way down the fairway

To the green!

The cold, the snow, the slush

Of winter now are past (I think!)

And when the good wife puts

Her Easter bonnet on,

The rest of us get out the faithful

Driver, mashie, putter and the other

Oath-producing (sometimes) implements of

Golf: or perhaps the baseball hat

And mitts and mask; and some

The tennis racket; or the youngster

With his marbles and his top

All helping to proclaim that Spring

Is here at last. It is

Enough to make us burst, as you have

Seen, into a very violent attack

Of springtime verse excuse it, please,

We know not what we do

Except that we did want to print

For the good readers of FIRE AND WATER


Herb Casson’s “Ten Tests of a Sportsman”

Which apply to the business of publishing

A magazine, as well as they do to

The business of playing.

So here they are, the Ten Tests of a Sportman:

  1. He does not boast,
  2. Nor quit,
  3. Nor make excuses when he fails.
  4. He is a cheerful loser,
  5. And a quiet w nner.
  6. He plays fair,
  7. And as well as he can.
  8. He enjoys the pleasures of risk.
  9. He gives his opponent the benefit of the doubt,
  10. And he values the game itself more highly than the result.

Isn’t that the way we all feel about it?

Yes. Sir!


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