The Planet Mills Fire.

The Planet Mills Fire.

Fire Marshal Lewis of Brooklyn makes the following report on the Planet Mills fire :

FIRK MARSHAL’S OFFICE, 1 BROOKLYN, April 15, 1889. f James D. Bell, Commissioner of Police ami Excise :

DEAR SIR—Herewith I respectfully submit report of fire, etc., of Planet Mills or brick structure situate and bounded by President, Carroll, Hoyt and Bond streets, and destroyed by fire on the night of April 12, involving a loss on building and contents of about $650,000, upon which there was insurance in the following New England mutual insurance companies to the amount of $638,500:

The building was fitted up with Grinnell sprinklers on three upper floors, and connected with city water, with two reserve tanks in case of emergency. No sprinklers in basement where fire broke out, the insurance companies not deeming it necessary. From examination of many witnesses the origin of the fire remains in doubt, and was first discovered near the batching room on the President street side, between the twisting machine and the brick wall. Owing to the inflammable material in use on different machines, the fire spread very rapidly and got beyond control of the employees, who made every effort to extinguish the same. Six hundred persons, chiefly girls and young men, were employed in the mill, divided into two shifts, 160 being at work the night of the fire, all of whom have been accounted for except Hugh Mdnerney, a night watchman and fireman, who, when last seen, was near the batching room on the President street side. He had done all in his power to quench the flames, and from the evidence taken I am fully persuaded that his remains lie buried beneath the debris near where the fire was discovered. David C. Lyall, a member of the firm, has expressed a ready willingness to have the ruins searched with a view of finding his body, and also rebuild on the property as soon as possible. Respectfully submitted, BENJAMIN LEWIS, Police Fire Marshal.

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