The Re-election of President Kenlon

The Re-election of President Kenlon

In the leading article of this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING are stated the reasons why Chief Kenlon should be re-elected as president of the International Association of Fire Engineers for another term at the convention in Toronto on July 26 to 30. In advocating this step we feel very strongly that we are simply echoing the sentiments of the majority of the members of the association. This would be true, even if we alone consider the ability and unselfish devotion to the interests of the association which Chief Kenlon has shown in his administration during the past year. Even more essential than this, however, is the necessity at this particular time of re-electing the present incumbent of the office of president, so that there may be no break in the continuity of this office, and in the carrying out of the great reforms which the association has undertaken. A change of administration at this time, with the program of standardization practically only begun and with the necessity of pushing the work to a successful completion, would be little less than a calamity.

The important work, now well under way and which will be presented to the convention at Toronto, of a “Manual on Fire Fighting” will require in itself the active supervision of President Kenlon, and nothing should interfere with his retention in this office to bring this work to a successful conclusion.

So that we have no hesitation in saying that we feel very sure that we voice the sentiments of the members of the association when we say that Chief Kenlon is the logical candidate for re-election for the office of president of the International Association of Fire Engineers.

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