The Recent Boston Fire

The Recent Boston Fire

On January 10, at 8.30 A. M., a fire broke out at the corner of Summer and Federal streets, Boston, that consumed over $1,500,000 worth of property. The full account of this calamity was published in the last issue of FIRE AND WATER The body of the dead reporter has not been recovered and it may take some days before he is reached, as the debris is frozen solidly. The injured firemen, of whom there were seventeen, are all recovering,

The squ3dof firemen, composed of District Chief Egan of East Boston and delegations from engines Nos. 6, 10 and 25, look back over the trying scenes of the big fire, and find reason to be particularly thankful that they are living.


They carried their lines to the roof of the building 185 Summer street, and were instructed to devote their energies to keeping the fire from spreading beyond No. 183, in which it was raging fiercely at the time. This would not have been such a difficult job had the walls of that structure remained standing, but when they fell a sheet of flame flashed across the roof of No. 185 and threatened to engulf the structure on which the little band of fire-fighters was located. For a moment things looked desperate. The immense tongue of flame paralyzed them and caused them to put their arms over their faces. Even then several of them, including Chief Egan and Capt. Quigley of Engine 6, lost part of their eyebrows, eyelashes and mustaches.

If the fire reached the building on which they were standing their escape was cut off. The perilous expedient of jumping seventy feet to the street was the only other means of leaving their hot quarters, and, although this looked almost like sure death, some were seriously considering it when Chief Egatt stopped all quavering by ordering every man to fight the fire, and set the example by seizing a nozzle and holding it pointed toward the adjoining burning building, covering bis face with his coat. The order was promptly obeyed, and the result was that, although the firemen had a hot time of it, they maintained their position and saved the building as well as their lives. This result was not attained without some discomfort, as nearly every man had his clothing partly burned and his face scorched.

We publish herewith some scenes of the fire.

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