The Roll Call of Fire Chiefs.

The Roll Call of Fire Chiefs.

To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER :

It is not generally known that when the roll of States called at the opening of the annual convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers, the names of chiefs and ex-chiefs who have been members, but are now numbered among the silent majority, are regularly called and the responsive answer comes from the presiding officer with much impressiveness “ Died in the service ” or “ Killed in the service.’ The death roll of our comrades, so beautifully remembered, steadily increasing each year, and we are sadly reminded the fact that so many have passed away in so few years. May this custom of calling the names of our departed comrades continue so long as the association exists.

The following are among those I find marked on the roll the secretary whose last roll call on earth is answered :

George Hobson, Lowell, Mass.

Thomas J. Farrell, Lowell, Mass.

Charles L. Brown, Fair Haven, Conn.

*Samuel L. Collyer, Pawtucket, R. I.

William L. Bird, Tarrytown, N. Y.

*Phillip Eckel, Syracuse, N. Y.

Law L. Gibson, Rochester, N. Y.

†George B. Harris, Rochester, N. Y.

C. W. Leonard, Newburgh, N. Y.

I. Lansing Lane, Troy, N. Y.

James McQuade, Albany, N. Y.

James McGarvey, Richburgh, N. Y.

†Ira Wood, Syracuse, N. Y.

J. L. Meyer, Hoboken, N. J.

James E. Crow, Allegheny, Pa.

†B. Bryson McCall, Pottsville, Pa.

John Balch, Fortress Monroe, Va.

W. H. Jarvis, Petersburgh, Va.

M. McFadden, Memphis, Tenn.

†William Stocked, Nashville, Tenn.

*Joseph Bunker, Cincinnati, O.

*Enoch McGrue, Cincinnati, O.

Stephen Genslinger, Piqua, O.

William Meade, Harrison, O.

H. P. Phillips, New Orleans, La.

Frank K. Sweenie, Town of Lake, Ill.

*Killed. † Ex-Chiefs at time of death.

From one who trusts a kind Providence may permit him to respond to roll call for many years yet.


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