The Seattle (Wash.) Fire Department.

The Seattle (Wash.) Fire Department.

The committee of the Seattle city council, to whom House Delegate bill No. 83 was referred, has made the following report :

“After having carefully considered the bill referred to above, we recommend that the same be rejected for the following reasons : The present organization of the fire department is such that a great degree of efficiency is attained with the smallest number of men possible to handle the apparatus at present used. Any reduction in the number of men would seriously impair the working efficiency and necessitate the retirement of a portion of the apparatus for want of physical force necessary to handle it. The substitution of call men for regulars could not fail to result in the deterioration of the department in every particular, moral and physical. With a city built and situated as ours is, no force of men scattered throughout the city could be collected and concentrated without loss of time, which is of so much importance at the beginning of a fire. A further objection to the bill is the fact that one of its provisions is in direct conflict with the marine laws of the United States, which provides that the captain and pilot shall he different persons.

“In view of the reasonsabove set forth, and of the fact that the constantly recurring fire losses remind us-almost daily of the magnitude and importance of the property and business interests depending for their protection upon our fire department, whose efficiency has earned them a name and fame second to none on this Coast, and which has been substantially recognized by the insurance companies in the reductions of rates already accomplished, aggregating each year a sum saved to the insuring public greater than the entire cost of the departmentj we submit that a wise and prudent policy (having due regard for the interests of the city which we are called upon to represent) should impel us to encourage the present department and to aid it in its efforts to maintain the high standard already attained, rather than seek by reorganization upon a lower plane to curtail its usefulness and impair its efficiency.”

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