The volunteer firemen of Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas held their fourth annual meeting and tournament in Carthage, Mo., June 12, 13 and 14. It was a remarkable success in several particulars ; for one thing, because the world’s record of 1.26 in championship races was broken by five different hose companies, while the track was not a fast one, and also for the excellent manner in which the arrangements for the three days’ entertainment were carried out by the Carthage Fire Department.

The encampment was in the city park, a beautifully shaded spot in the heart of the city. A vast amphitheatre was built, through the centre of which ran the track. Tuesday morning was the opening of the camp, but companies and visitors began arriving on Sunday, and by Tuesday at nine A. M 1200 firemen were on the grounds and settled in camp in soldier style.

At eleven o’clock the crowd was called to order by President W. W. Templin of Nevada, and an eloquent address of welcome was delivered by Mayor B. F. Thomas on behalf of the citizens of Carthage. Mr. Albert Cahn also welcomed the visitors on behalf of the home fire department. Mr. Lindley of Nevada responded for President Templin, and Secretary H. II. Mitchell, being loudly called lot by the firemen, made a telling speech.

The following companies were present on the grounds at the opening session and remained throughout the three days, a lew arriving later being only represented by delegates:

Boonville, Mo.—Hose Company No. 1. Cameron, Mo.—Queen City Hose Company No. 1. Carrollton, Mo.—Turner Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Champion Hose Company No. r and Victor Hose Company No. t. Columbus, Kan.— Hose Company No. 1. Clinton, Mo.—Hornmeyer Hose Company No. t, Lepscum Hose Company No. 2. Fayetteville, Ark.—Washington Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Washington Hook and Ladder Company No. 2. Ft. Scott, Kan. — Rescue Hose Company No. 2, Relief Hose Company No. 3. Ft. Smith. Ark.— Germania Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Relief Hose Company No, 2, Border City Hose Company No. 3. Little Rock. Ark.—-Kramer Hose Company No. 3. Joplin, Mo.—S. C. Henderson Hose Company No. 1, C. J. Lewis Hose Company No. 2, Hose Company No. 4. Lexington, Mo.—Hose Company No. r. Liberal, Mo.— Fire Company No. 1. Nevada, Mo.—Southwest Mail Hooks No. 1, J. E. Harding Hose Company No. 1, Minckler Hose Company No. 2. Ottawa, Kan.—Fire Company No. 1. Parsons, Kan.— Hose Company No. 2. Pierce City, Mo.—P. C. Hose Company No. 1, P. C. Hook No. 1. Pittsburg, Kan.—Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Rescue Hose Company No. 1, Alert Hose Company No. 2. Rich Hill, Mo.—Hose Company No. 3. Springfield, Mo. — Queen City Hose Company No. 1, Rogers Hose Company No. 2. Rescue Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, North Springfield Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. Carthage, Mo.—Rescue Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Hope Hose Company No. 1, Fire King Hose Company No. 2.


The first session of the Southwestern Association’s convention began at the Opera House at two o’clock. The following delegates were present :

Officers.—President W. W. Templin of Nevada, Mo. ; Vice-President Jas. Patmore, Pittsburg, Kan. ; Secretary H. H. Mitchell of Springfield.

Directors.—L. M. Mettler, Carrollton, Mo. ;

A. P. Elder, Ottawa, Kan. ; J. R. Southworth, Fayetteville, Ark. ; Geo. VV. Peyton, Joplin, Mo. ; J. C. Lepscum, Clinton, Mo.

Inspector General, Julius Deiser, Ft. Smith, Ark.

(The first named is the chief, the next the assistant chief.)

Ottawa, Kan.—A. P. Elder, H. C. Branson ; Fire Company No. 1, H. L. Remley, J. Ruse. Parsons, Kan.—J. O. McKee, B. F. Woodman, E. C. Ward ; Hose Company No. 2, Frank Glazier, H. D. Richards. Pierce City.—Frank Vincent, A. M. Chandler ; Hose Company No. r, Jos. N. Davie, Wm. Callaway; Hose Company No. 2, B. C. Hampton, J. T. Robert; Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, J. G. Kelley, Wm. A. Rhea. Pittsburg, Kan.—J. C. Merrill, Jas. Patmore; Hook and Ladder Company No.

I, J. S. Rogers, A. K. Lanyon ; Rescue Hose Company No. 1, E. Murry, R. Bierger; Alert Hose Company No. 2, Lafe House, Wm. Yarcho. Rich Hill, Mo.—L. B. Covell ; Hose Company No. 3, Wm. Smith, Harry Hylman. Springfield, Mo.—Dan Ryan, A. C. McKnight, Joe Atterbury ; Queen City Hose Company No. 1, R. E. Everett, Lewis Kent; Rogers Hose Company No. 2, E. P. Morris, J. E. Peltz; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, VV. D. Hughes, Wm. Weaver. North Springfield.—Hook and Ladder Company’, Wm. Culp, Robert Chalmers. Cameron, Mo.—VV. Sackett ; Queen City Hose Company No. 1, J. B. Stone, Chas. Librant. Carrollton, Mo.—L. M. Mettler; Turner Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, A. W. Dunnagan ; Champion Hose Company No. 1, Ed. E Kraut; Victory Hose Company No. 2, John F. Clanson. Carthage, Mo.—Geo. H. Thomas, Jas. Deagan ; Rescue Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, J. B. Buchanan, Bsn Strauss ; Hope Hose Company No. 1, James Nanson, Jos. Logsden ; Fire King Hose Company No. 2. H. V. Phillips, Will Watson. Chillicothe. Mo.—A. M. Snellin, John Young; Fire Company No. I, E. M. Crellin, N. C. Irwin. Columbus, Kan.—J. A. Crissman, C. D. Morris; Hose Company No. x.J. D. Haux,

E. D. Ashley. Clinton, Mo.—J. C. Lepscum ; Hornmeyer Hose Company No. 1, Charles Keil, Wm. Goodwin ; Lepscum Hose Company No. 2, T. J. Callender, T. S. Niel. Fayetteville, Ark.—

J. Frank Mayes, J. C. McClellan ; Washington Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, M. F. Gray,

F. M. Barnett; No. 2, J. W. Millholland, George Cooper. Ft. Scott, Kan.—Francis Tiernan, R. Faller; Rescue Hose Company No. 2, A. J. Hazleton, Wm. Crow; Relief Hose Company No. 3, W. K. Larkin, W, D. Davis. Ft. Smith. Ark.—J. J. Little, Julius Deiser; Germania Ilook and Ladder Company No. I, E. A. Ruge, J. W. Rice ; Reliable Hose Company No. 2, Ed. Hunt, Albert Nies ; Border Cily Hose Company No. 3, J. M. Gannaway, M. E. Futral. Little Rock, Ark.—M. W. Eagan, Ferd, Mattice; Kraner Hose Company No. 3, W. I. Whitwell, C. F. Kramer. Joplin, Mo.—George M. Peyton, L. A. Fillmore; S. C. Henderson Hose Company No. I, W. F. Griffith, S. H. Patterson ; C. J. Lewis Hose Company No. 2, A. Houghton, Charles Smith ; Hose Company No, 4, L. A. Fillmore, L. B. Serage. Lexington, Me.—W.

B. Hamlet; Hose Company No, 1, Gus. C. Kist, John Menaugh. Liberal, Mo.—J. H. Ashman, J. II. Todd ; Fire Company No. 1, L. C. Whitesitt, P. J Umbrite. Nevada, Mo.—W. W. Templin. R. W. Mitchell; S. W. Mail Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Levi L. Scott, John T. Harding; J. E. Harding Hose Company No. 1, F. Cronhardt, George Brett; Minckler Hose Company No. 2. J. E. Benscotter, A. R. Hedges.

The session was an interesting one and many discussions were indulged in that were of great interest to the firemen, The reports of Secretary Mitchell and Inspector-General Deiser were read. The latter contained valuable statistical information regarding each company ; it was a very elaborate report, and will be of much value to the association. The meeting then adjourned until Wednesday morning at eight o’clock.

In the evening there was a concert by the consolidated bands, and in the intermissions tug-ofwar contests between teams from the different companies took place.


Wednesday, June 13, the association convened at the appointed hour, and much business was transacted. C. G. Braxmar, the badgeman of New York city, and E. H. Greene of the Boston Woven Hose Company of Chicago, were elected honorary members of the association.

The parade which followed the business session was a noteworthy success. The order of the procession was as follows : Nevada band, Nevada Fire Department, Joplin Fire Department, Fayetteville band, Fayetteville Fire Department, Fort Smith Department, Little Rock Department, Lexington Department, Louisiana Department, Chillicothe Department, Carrolton Department, Cameron Department, Kansas City Veteran Volunteers, association officers in carriages, Mechanics band, Ottawa Fire Department, Pittsburgh Fire Department, Columbus band, Columbus Fire Department, Parsons Department Springfield band, Springfield Department, Rich Hill band, Rich Hill Department, Liberal Department, Clinton band, Clinton Department, Peirce City delegates, Light Guard band, Carthage Department.

In the afternoon a large assemblage of people, among whom were many ladies and children, assembled in the park to witness the races between the firemen.

The following named judges and timekeepers were appointed :

Starting judge, W. I. Whitwell, Little Rock, Ark.; reel judges, L. M. Mettler, J. L. Asham ; plug judges, Dr. Southwick, G. C. Kist; timekeepers, Dr. Casey, of Kansas City, N. C. Irvin of Chillocothe, and Mr. Braxmar of New York.

The first contest was the hook and ladder race in which five companies of sixteen men each engaged. The distance covered was 200 yards, running from judges’ stand 100 yards to truck, returning with truck, uncoupling, erecting and mounting ladder. Following was the score : North Springfield No. 2, 3SJ^ seconds ; Southwest Mail of Nevada, 37X ; Washington No. 1 of Fayetteville, 40^ ; Germania of Fort Smith, 40J4) ; Rescue of Springfield, 38}^. Nevada won the first prize of $100; Rescue of Springfield, second, $50.

The next contest was a 100 yard race between hose companies, in which sixteen entries were made. Each company ran with reel, unreeling 100 feet of hose, coupling to hydrant and throwing water. Following is the score: Rogers No. 2, Springfield, 3t)4 seconds; Minckler, Nevada, 25)4 ; Harding, Nevada, 25)4; Fire King, Carthage, 32% ; Relief No. 3, Fort Scott, 2b}( ; Queen City, Springfield, no time ; Fort Smith No. 2, no time ; Ottawa No. I, 31)^ ; Alert No. 2, Pittsburgh, Kan., 27^ ; Rich Hill No. 3, no time; Columbus, 31 ; Clinton No. I, 30>4 ; Pierce City, 2754″ ; Henderson, Joplin, 24)^ ; Lewis, Joplin, 303^ ; Rescue, Fort Scott, 28. Henderson, of Joplin, was the winner of the first prize of $100, by time 24^ seconds ; Minckler and Harding of Nevada tied on 2$% seconds for second money, $50. In running off the tie Minckler won by the same time, Harding lowering its record to 25 )/.

In the evening the park was thronged with the largest crowd which had assembled thus far. The band concert was the drawing card, especially for the ladies, and much interest was centered in the performance. This and the couplers’ contest was in progress at the same time. The plan arranged was for each one of the bands to play three selections. All of the bands did well, and the music was thoroughly enjoyed by the immense audience, which testified its approval by enthusiastic applause. The contest resulted in a victory for Springfield. Following is the number of points scored by each band out of a possible 300: Springfield, 276; Rich Hill, 234; Fayetteville, 202; Nevada, 180; Columbus, 153^-

The couplers’ contest resulted as follows : Ottawa, fifty-foot run, 6)4 seconds ; ten-foot run, 4j^ ; stand and couple, 4J4J; Henderson of Joplin, 8)4, i8)4, 8yi ; Pierce City, No. I, 8)4), no time and 5X I Harding of Nevada, no time, no time, 8)4 ; Rogers of Springfield, 6, 7 and 4% ; Fort Scott No. 2,6)4, 5)4, no time; Rich Hill No. 3, 7)4, no time, no time ; Fort Scott No. 3, 6)4, no time, no time ; Queen City, no time, 5)4, 4)4 ; Fort Smith, ri)4, 9, 6; Minckler, 7)4, 4)4,

5 ; Lewis, no time, no time, 4. Ottawa won first prize, Minckler of Nevada second.


The morning session was held in the opera house. The first thing done was to decide upon Clinton, Mo., as the place for the next annnal meeting. The association then proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, with the following result ;

President, Geo. II. Thomas, chief of the Carthage Fire Department; vice-president, A. P. Elder, chief of the Ottawa (Kan.) Fire Department ; secretary and treasurer, H. II. Mitchell of Springfield, re-elected ; inspector general, Julius Dieser of Fort Smith, re-elected. Directors—Irwin of Chillicothe, Casey of Kansas City, Whitewell of Little Rock, Southwell ot Fayetteville, and Merrill of Pittsburgh.

Julius Dieser, inspector general, was presented with a handsome gold badge as a testimonial for his efficiency and courtesy as an officer.

A vote of thanks was tendered Chief Thomas and Quartermaster Hillyer of the Carthage Fire Department for the excellent entertainment furnished and their hospitable treatment during the tournament.

Mayor B. F. Thomas was elected an honorary member of the association.

In the afternoon the championship hose and hook and ladder races took place. For the former there were thirteen entries. It was a wet run, distance, 100 yards to hydrant, laying 350 feet of hose, uncoupling, putting on pipe and throwing water, knocking down flag placed 390 feet from hydrant, disconnecting the last or seventh section, taking out third section from hydrant and replacing it with last or seventh section, connecting the section removed to the sixth section, putting on pipe, throwing water and knocking down flag the second time, time being called when flag falls.

First prize, championship belt, banner and $i;o ; second prize, $50. Following is the score :

Alert of Pittsburgh, 1.56; Columbus, Kan., no time; Ottawa, Kan., 1.33: Rogers of Springfield, 1-35)4 ; Clinton, 2.10)4; Queen City of Springfield, 1.2534Rescue of Fort Scott, no time; Minckler of Nevada, 1.40)4 ; Border City of Fort Smith, 1.18; Henderson of Joplin, no time; Harding of Nevada, i.ii)4 ; Cowles of Rich Hill, 1.15)4 i Jewis of Joplin, 1.24.

As will be observed from the score, Harding of Nevada was the victor, Cowles of Rich Hill, second.

There being so many contestants in the hose race, it was late in the afternoon before the hook and ladder race was called. According to the rules, contestants were required to run 300 yards, raise a thirty-foot ladder and have a man ascend to the top. Time to be called when he grasped the top rung, which he must hold until time is called.

Prize, championship trumpet and $150 to first, and $50 to second. There were three entries. Following is the score t

Southwest Mail of Nevada, 52)4 ; Washington of Fayetteville, 55 ; Germania of Fort Smith, 56.

The Southwest Mail company of Nevada captured first prize, and Washington of Fayetteville, second prize.

Carthage Hose Company No. 2 withdrew from the championship hose race, in order to give a clear field to the visiting firemen.

The closing exercises of the tournament were held at the park in the evening. A. F. Lewis of The Banner, in a neat speech presented the handsome trumpet voted to the most popular chief in the association to Geo. H. Thomas of the Carthage Fire Department.

N. C. Irwin of Chillicothe, on behalf of the association presented the prizes to the successful companies in the various contests during the tournament as follows: Carthage Hose Company No. 2, victors in “ the tug of war,” Tuesday evening, $2j. Capt. Phillips, on receiving the prize, in a graceful little speech, presented It to Chief Chrisman of the Columbus company, who stood second in the contest. Mr. Chrisman received the prize with thanks, but magnanimously turned it over to Pittsburgh, as a kind ol a consolatory offering, the Pittsburgh boys having met with rather hard luck in this tournament. Southwest Mail Hook and Ladder Company of Nevada, winners in the 200-yard hook and ladder race, Wednesday, $50. Henderson Hose Company of Joplin, first prize in roo-vard hose race, Wednesday, $50. Minckler’s of Nevada, second, $25. Springfield band, first prize in the band contest, $100; Rich Hill, second, $50. Ottawa Hose Company, first prize in couplers’ contest, silverplated combination nozzle ; Minckler Hose Company of Nevada, second prize, Callahan patent nozzle. Harding Hose Company of Nevada, first prize in championship hose race, champion? ship belt, banner and $tso ; Cowles Hose Company of Rich Hill, second prize, $50. Southwest Mail Hook and Ladder Company of Nevada, first prize in championship hook and ladder race, championship trumpet and $150; Washington Hook and Ladder Company of Fayetteville, second prize, $50. Several other prizes were presented, and, after music by the bands, the fourth and most successful annual meeting and tournament in the history of the association was declared closed.

One of the handsomest prizes in the contests was the elegant silk banner, given as a championship banner to the hook and ladder winners by the Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing Company of Boston. It is a magnificent trophy. The Boston Woven Hose Company made a fine present as a prize of a couplers’ outfit, which was given to the Germanias of Fort Smith.

The twelve hundred visiting firemen were entertained by the Carthage department free during the three days. It was a great undertaking to manage such a crowd successfully, but the feat was accomplished to perfection, and the credit is due to Chief George H. Thomas, Capt. J. R. Hillyer, Foremen H. V. Philips and Moses Block, and the able assistance rendered them by the Carthage firemen and the hospitable citizens.

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