The Toledo Division of Water

The Toledo Division of Water

The last annual report of the Division of Water of Toledo, Ohio, that has been issued in printed form, and which covers the year 1915, contains a chart which is reproduced on ths page, of the organization of the division under Commissone rof Water Thomas R. Cook. This chart shows the organization divided into four branches—admnstration, construction, pumping and filtration. The report of the Commissioner, addressed to Director of Public Service Goodwillie, stated that the operaton of the several subdvsons of the Divison of Water had been of the same excellency which had marked the division in times past. He also stated that the quality of the water delivered during the year, by reason of year, that of furnishing a much softer water than herettofore, had been accorded the united approval of the general public. The total pumpage for the year was 6,746,014,259 gallons as compared to 8,0008,280,000 gallons during the previous year. The total consumption for the year was 5,658,773,700, the percentage of consumption metered being 85. Relative to free water furnished by the division Commissioner Cook said the quantity 529,029,000 gallons, equalled approximately eight per cent, of the total pumpage for the year, and that the Board of Education has required the enormous amount of over thirty-six gallons per day per pupil, adding: “In my opinion the public and parochial schools should be required to pay for all water used; if not, steps should be taven to collect for all water used in excess of say 15 gallons per day per pupil,” and that every school building should be metered.

Organization of the Toledo Division of Water.


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