Atlanta, Ga., advices say that the Supreme court has held that the city council of Savannah has the right to impeach the board of fire commissioners. The decision was rendered in the case of the mayor and ity council against Commissioner Grayson and others. This turn in the controversy between the city council and the fire commission puts a decidedly interesting phase on the situation. The feud began through dissatisfaction over the fire department when the council wanted Chief Maguire displaced and the department reorganized. The fire commissioners, who were of the opposing political faction, rebelled, and then, when the council undertook to impeach the commissioners, the courts were appealed to, Judge Falligant sustaining the fire commissioners.

The Supreme court has, however, reversed Judge Falligant, and the case is now back in the hands of the council.

Here is the text of the head notes as published by the courts:

Lumpkin, P. J. — 1. A judgment rendered at Chambers, denying a motion to revoke an order granting a writ of prohibition, may be brought to this court by a “fast ” bill of exceptions. The motion dealt with in the present case was, in substance, a motion of the character above indicated.

2. The members of the board of fire commissioners of the city of Savannah are municipal or corporate officers of that city.

3. A municipal corporation has an incidental power to ins itute proceedings against,and remove rom office for misconduct all corporate officers, though the power to do so be not expressly given by the charter of such corporation,

Judgment reserved. All concurring except Cobb, J., absent

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