As announced in last week’s issue of this magazine, a large delegation of fire officials and citizens of New York went to Albany last Wednesday to attend a hearing before Governor Sulzer on the bill which Commissioner Johnson is endeavoring to have made a law to wipe out the crime of arson. The “Arson” special with its delegation reached the capital city about noon. It was met at the Union station by State Fire Marshal Abeam. Chief Bridgeford and a detail of 20 officers and men from the Albany fire bureau, who acted as escort. Headed by Captain Patton’s mounted police platoon and Gartland’s band, the New Yorkers marched to the capitol, where they met Governor Sulzer, and then went to the joint legislative hearing on Commissioner Johnson’s bill. The delegation was well primed for a light to pass the bill, it being stated that several of the fire insurance companies had retained eminent legal talent to represent them at the hearing and to oppose the measure. In the center of the assembly chamber, just in front of the speaker’s rostrum, was set up the complete arson exhibit which was showm at 61 Chambers street during the month of January. The exhibit consists of 135 insurance policies representing a total of $127,500, which Commissioner Johnson and his men obtained on household effects worth only $3.00. These policies, which were issued by practically every insurance company doing business in New York City, were exhibited on strips of linen surrounding the exhibit of household effects upon which the insurance was obtained. The household effects, chairs, etc., used by the men of the fire department in obtaining this insurance also were shown. A copy of the bill was printed in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING on April 2. The speakers for the bill were Commissioner Johnson. Louis Amonson, President of the People’s Mutual Insurance Company; R. H. Wilson and William B. Ellison. Charles L. Hoffman appeared for the insurance brokers. The following composed the delegation:

Retail Dry Goods Association, Leslie Graff, secretary, E. W. Bloomingdale, counsel, representing the following firms: B. Altman & Co., Abraham & Straus, Bloomingdale Bros., the Fourteenth Street Store, Gimbel Bros., Greenhut-Siege! Cooper Company, J. L. Kesner & CoH. C. F, Koch & Co., Rothenberg & Co., Frederick Loeser & Co., Lord & Taylor, James McCreery & Co., R. H. Macy & Co., A. D. Matthews’ Sons, A. I. Namm & Son, National Cloak & Suit Co., O’Neill-Adams Co., Simpson, Crawford Co., Saks & Co.

Joseph J. Asch, owner of Asch building.

Abraham & Straus (Edward C. Blum), 420 Fulton street, Brooklyn.

Aeolian Hall Piano Co. (H. B. Schaad), 34 West 43d street.

Ansonia Mfg. Co. (John W. Cooney), 30 Church street.

John Jacob Astor Estate (S. B. Thorn), 23 West 26th street.

American-La France Fire Engine Company (E. C. Keating), 140 Broadway.

Louis S. Amonson, president People’s National Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

Dr. Harry M. Archer, Aetna Indemnity Co.

Armour & Co. (F. W. Lyman), 52 10th avenue.

Art Metal Construction Company (G. B. Metzger), 349 Broadway.

Sol Bloom, 1451 Broadway, real estate:

Bush Terminal Co. (J. A. Nash), 100 Broad street.

William H. Birdsall, 320 Broaoway, real estate.

Browning, King & Co. (Wm. H. Browning), Cooper square.

Burns Bros. Coal Co. (Frank Burns), Church and Fulton streets.

Alanson Briggs, 115 Broadway, member of new court house commission.

Bricklayers’ Union (John Gill), 1520 Roselle avenue. Van Nest, the Bronx.

Board of Trade & Transportation Co. (Wm. F. McConnell), 203 Broadway.

P. J. Brennan & Son, 624 Madison square, builder.

C. G. Braxmar, 10 Maiden lane, jeweler.

Central Iron Works (Morris J. Engle), 420 East 48th street.

Cadillac Motor Car Company (C. H. Hill), 1810 Broadway.

Collier’s Weekly (Arthur E. MacEarlane), 419 West 13th street.

Chief Publishing Company (J. J. O’Reilly, editor), 5 Beekman street.

Judge Eugene Conran, 357 Clinton street, Brooklyn.

Conran Standpipe Company (Henry Bollman), 305 Pearl street.

Cruikshank Company (Warren Cruikshank), 141 Broadway.

Consolidation Coal Company (J. E. Parson), 14 Wall street.

Clark & Wilkins (H. A. Wilkins), 11th avenue and 34th street, fuel dealers.

Carpenter Motor Vehicle Company (Herbert L. Carpenter), 1230 Fulton street, Brooklyn.

Colon & Hartnett, 81 East 125th street, builders.

Richard Carvel Company, 401 West 59th street, builder.

Douglas Robinson. Chas. S. Brown Company (Chas. A. Cone), 128 Broadway, real estate.

George F. Driscoll Company, 548 Union street, Brooklyn, builder.

Dennison & Hirons, 475 Fifth avenue, architects.

Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Company (George A. Weist), 133 Barclay street.

Eureka Sanitary Specialty Company (J. R. Johnson), 2210 Broadway.

Edison Company (Anthony N. Brady, Jr.), Elm and Duane streets.

Social Service Committee of the Episcopal Church (Rev. Chas. K. Gilbert, secretary), 416 Lafayette street.

Wm. Fox Amusement Company (John Zanft), 116 East 14th street.

Frederick Fox & Co., 793 Broadway.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING (W. F. Clowes), 154 Nassau street.

Frank Farrell, 320 Fifth avenue, real estate.

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, 1871 Broadway.

Ford Motor Company (Gaston Plaintif), Long Island City.

Thomas P. Ford Company. 407 Broome street.

Wm. Flanagan & Son, 118 East 29th street, builders.

Gorham & Co. (E. Holbrook, president), Fifth avenue and 36th street.

Dr. E. R. L. Gould, 15 West 38th street.

John I.. Gray, 104 Court street, Brooklyn.

John W. Gasteiger, 25-31 Johnson avenue, Brooklyn, merchant.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber company (E. B. Williams), 1972 Broadway.

Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg, Co. (H. A. Spadone), 126 Duane street.

Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Company (B. J. Greenhut), Sixth avenue and 18th street.

William F. Heide, 84 Vandam street, candy merchant.

Hydraulic Oil Storage System Co. (F. W. Schoch), 90 West street.

Henry Heide Company (T. H. Barth), 84 Vandam street.

Huyler’s (David Huyler), 64 Irving place, merchant.

James A. Hearn & Co. (Geo. A. Hearn), 30 West 14th street.

Harper’s Weekly (William F. Conran), 305 Pearl street.

John R. Hall. 5 Nassau street.

Frank J. Helmle, 190 Montague street, Brooklyn. architect.

Richard E. Heningham, 1 Madison avenue, builder.

Charles Hartman. Chambers Printing Company. 24 New Chambers street.

Horace Ingersoll, 642 West 34th street, merchant.

International Motor Company (D. C. Fenner), Broadway and 57th street.

William Johnston, editor.

H. W. Johns-Manville (H. E. Manville), Madison avenue and 41st street.

Francis H. Kimball. 71 Rroadway, architect.

Knickerbocker Hotel (J. B. Regan), 42d street and Broadway.

Rev. E. M. H. Knapp. 236 East 31st street, honorary chaplain, F. D. N. Y.

Alfred R. Kirkus, 399 Broadway, real estate.

Frederick Loeser & Co. (Edward Gibbs), Brooklyn.

James M. Leopold, 7 Wall street, banker.

Thomas Leahy Building Company, 122 East 25th street.

Merchants’ & Manufacturers’ Exchange of New York (Charles E. Spratt, vice-president), 47th street and Lexington avenue.

R. H. Macy & Co. (Jesse Straus), 34th street and Broadway.

James McCreery & Co. (C. A. Gould), 5 West 34th street.

Ogden Mills (T. Joseph Bartley), 15 Broad street.

Master Builders’ Association (Francis X. Grady, vice-president), 193 Park avenue.

Robert H. Mainzer, 5 Nassau street, banker.

Mutual Life Insurance Company (Warren F. Thummel, law department), 32 Nassau street.

Mitchell Construction Company, 4 Court square, Brooklyn.

Herbert R. Mainzer, 105 West 40th street.

Morgan & Trainer (architects), 331 Madison avenue.

E. T. MacDonald (architect), 1181 Broadway.

National Biscuit Company (W. F. Wilmot), 10th avenue and loth street.

National India Rubber Company (A. P. Eckert), 30 Church street.

R. H. Neilson (lawyer), care of Cravath & Henderson, 52 William street.

National Association of Master Plumbers (Frank Fee, president), 415 West 40th street.

Bernard Baumberg, 14 Wall street.

H. H. O’Bierne (Horton Ice Cream Company), 1416 Fulton street, Brooklyn.

Packard Automobile Company (M. J. Budlong), Broadway and 62d street.

Pyrene Manufacturing Company (Darwin R. James, Jr.), 1358 Broadway.

Pease & Elliman (L. B. Elliman), real estate, 340 Madison avenue.

Frederick Pearce Company (fire department supplies), 18 Rose street.

Park & Tilford (Arthur Haddock), Fifth avenue and 26th street.

Edward Roach (real estate), Far Rockawav, N. Y.

Salvation Match Company (Warren B. Hutchinson, president), 135 Broadway.

Shubert Brothers (Sol Manheimer), 39th street and Broadway.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Silverman, 45 East 75th street.

Joseph Stern & Sons Reef Company (Joseph Anderson), foot West 40th street.

Samson Selig, 115 Broadway.

Spear & Company (Jacob Podell), 713 Broadway.

Simpson Crawford Company (Charles H. Williams, 307 Sixth avenue.

Stern Brothers (Louis Stern), 32 West 23d street.

Smith, Worthington & Company (F. M. Curry), 40 Warren street.

William H. Schreiber (Tower Construction Company), 1870 Linden street, Brooklyn.

Smith, Gray & Company (Charles A. Newell), merchants.

Standard Oil Company (J. H. Howell, manager), 26 Broadway.

Title Guarantee & Trust Company (William A. Moore), 176 Broadway.

United Booking Offices (E. F. Albes), Times square.

U. S. Steel Corporation (R. C. Bolling), 71 Broadway.

Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, 44 Wall street.

White Automobile Company (Charles A. Abbott), Broadway and 02d street.

John Wanamaker (Preston B. Lind), Ninth street and Broadway.

William C. Walker’s Sons (real estate), 299 Broadway.

Royal H. Weller, assistant district attorney, Criminal Court building.

D. A. Woodhouse (fire appliances), 50 West Broadway.

August P. Windolph (architect), 27 East 33d street.

Fire department delegation:

Joseph Johnson, fire commissioner.

George W. Olvany, deputy fire commissioner.

William Guerin, acting head of fire prevention bureau.

William H. Swartwout, deputy chief fire prevention bureau.

Daniel E. Finn, secretary fire department.

Thomas Brophy, fire marshal, Brooklyn.

John P. Prial, fire marshal. Manhattan.

Edward T. Galloway, captain Hook and Ladder 25.

William B. Northrup, special investigator.

Montgomery Wade, assistant fire marshal.

Herman W. DeMalignon, assistant fire marshal.

Thomas McGuire, assistant fire marshal.

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