Superintendent Overton in his annual report to the Board of Water Commissioners of St. Paul, Minn., just rendered, says :

Our fire hydrants are now all in good repair, and I anticipate very little trouble from them during the coming winter. There were 266 set this season, making a total of 1134 now in service. There are 162 street sprinkling hydrants, 25 of them being set this season. The following is a statement of the extension made during the season: Low service—Four-inch pipe, 1190 feet ; six-inch, 23,535 feet ; twelve-inch, 8458 feet ; sixteen-inch, 2626 feet ; twenty-inch, 1482 feet ; making a total of seven miles and 331 feet. High service—Four-inch pipe, 6717 feet ; sixinch, 66,317 feet; twelve-inch, 19,109 feet; sixteen-inch, 2640 feet; twenty-inch, 14,585 feet; twenty-four-inch, 3013 feet ; thirty-six-inch, 1560 feet ; total, 21 miles and 3061 feet. The total mileage of pipe laid during the season was 28 miles 3392 feel. The total miles laid to date, 131 miles and 2876 feet. The connections made with dwellings are rapidly increasing; 1218 new connections were made this year, which is over 200 more than was ever put in during any one season. There are now about 7300 consumers.

The superintendent makes the following recommendations :

The increased mileage of pipe demanded by our city and its rapidly increasing population makes it a necessity to lay a thirty-inch supply main for high service. This main, with its necessary connections, will cost in the aggregate of $200,000. To do the work with economy the grading of the right of way must be done the coming spring and summer It will take a year to complete the work. The present twenty-fourinch main will be sufficient for the needs of the department no longer than that.

The superintendent recommends immediate action in this matter. He also urges the necessity of a low service reservoir.

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