The Water Works Convention Program

The Water Works Convention Program

The program of the forty-fourth annual convention of the American Water Works Association which takes place at the Hotel Astor, New York City, on May 19 to 23, 1924, and which is published in full in this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING on page 911, has just been issued from the office of the secretary of the association. The program itself is an unusually excellent one in all particulars. The papers provided for are in every case both practical and interesting and cover the field of water supply in every branch. The authors, too, are well chosen and are men who are thoroughly conversant with their subjects.

A very gratifying feature of the program is the large amount of discussion both of papers and of general subjects provided for in it. This is a very wise move on the part of the program committee, and the results will no doubt justify all of the time taken up by these general conferences. The entertainment portion of the program is fully up to the standard of the American Water Works Association, and the ladies of the convention will be well taken care of throughout the session. They will have few dull moments during their stay in New York City, if the various committees have anything to say in the matter.

An unusual feature of the program is the arrangement whereby the events of each day occupy a spread across two opposite pages of the book, so that all of the proceedings of that particular day are presented to the reader without the necessity of turning over pages.

Taken all in all and judging from the program the convention should be one of the most interesting and successful the association has ever held.

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