An Organization of People Engaged in the Manufacture of Water Works Machinery and Appliances, that has Progressed from the Experimental to the Permanent Stage. Unity of Purpose and Good Will Build Up a Strong Organization.

A remarkably successful enterprise is that of the Water Works Manufacturers Association. Formed to simplify and regulate the position and affairs of the Associate Members of the American Water Works Association. After nine years’ trial it has stood the test so well that it is novy a recognized institution of much value in the management of the annual conventions. In that time the exhibits have greatly increased in number and attractiveness and the entertaining features have passed from an uncertain quality and quantity to tangible and well-provided methods of securing pleasurable pastime for the large assemblages of members and guests that attend these meetings. It was during the 1908 convention of the American Water Works Association at Washington that a meeting of its Associate Members was held to consider the advisability of organizing an Association of supply men to take care of the exhibit and entertainment features of the conventions hitherto cared for by special committees of the Associate Members. There were present at this meeting representatives of the following companies:

R. D. Wood & Company.

H. Mueller Mfg. Co.

Modern Iron Works.

Hersey Mfg. Company.

A. P. Smith Mfg. Company.

Fairbanks Valve Company.

N. Y. Continental Jewell Filtration Co.

Neptune Meter Company.

National Water Main Cleaning Company.

National Meter Company.

Water Works Equipment Company.

Hays Mfg. Company.

Glauber Brass Mfg. Company.

Union Water Meter Company.

Rensselaer Mfg. Company.

L.M. Booth Company.

From this list a committee was appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws and to report at a subsequent meeting. In November, 1908, a meeting was held in the old Astor Hotel in New York City, when

Oscar Mueller, Past President.

the constitution and by-laws were amended and adopted, and the Association became an absolute fact. At a meeting held January 11, 1909, the following executive committee and officers were appointed, namely:

Executive Committee.

A. P. Smith Manufacturing Co.

Hersey Manufacturing Co.

J. Bayard Kirkpatrick, President 1917-18.

H. Mueller Manufacturing Co. Rensselaer Manufacturing Co.

Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Co. International Steam Pump Co.

U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co. Water Works Equipment Co.

Neptune Meter Company.

National Meter Company.

Thomson Meter Company.

M.J. Drummond Company. Allis-Chalmers Company.

The Fairbanks Company.

The N. Y. Continental Jewell Filtration Co.


Dennis F. O’Brien, Pres., A. P. Smith Mfg. Co.

John C. Kelley, Jr., Past President

Fred A. Smith, Yice-Pres., Neptune Meter Co.

Robert E. Milligan, Sec’y & Treas., The

N.Y. Cont. Jewell Filt. Co.

The objects of the Association are given in the Constitution as the advancement of the interests of the members of the Water Works Associations; the providing for and having custody of such exhibits of materials as may be at the Conventions; the furnishing and distributing of all badges used at conventions, active, associate or guest; the establishment of friendly cooperation and relations with its members and with the delegates of the Water Works Associations. The members shall be manufacturers of water works supplies, engineers or contractors engaged in water works construction; publishers and editors of the technical press and others interested in water works. Each member shall be entitled to one vote which shall be cast by the properly accredited delegate. The management of the Association will be entrusted to an executive committee of fifteen members. With keeping closely to the objects thus laid out the Association has, with few exceptions, pursued a very even course up to the present and it is possible that if these conditions last that its usefulness may be greatly increased in the future. During the nine years of its existence the Association has elected the following officers for President: D. F. O’Brien, The A. P. Smith Mfg. Co.; John C. Kelley, Jr., The National Meter Co:; W. H. Van Winkle. Water Works Equipment Co.; W. C. Sherwood, Hersey Mfg. Co.; Oscar B. Mueller, H. Mueller Mfg. Co.; Fred S. Bates, Rensselaer Valve Co.; Robert E. Milligan, The N. Y. Continental Jewell Filtration Co., and J. Bayard Kirkpatrick, the present incumbent, vice-president of. the Neptune Meter Co. Mr. Milligan filled the position of Secretary and Treasurer for two years when he resigned the former and Ernest K. Sorenson accepted the place and served until the last meeting of the Association with much efficiency. Mr. Milligan held the post of Treasurer from the first meeting until 1916, when Mr. Charles R. Wood was elected to fill the vacancy. It was this working together that made the Association so successful that it grew from a membership of thirty to its present standing of ninetyfour. Where representatives of so many manufacturing firms, especially those engaged in the same line of business were concerned, it is most creditable to note that no friction has ever occurred among its members; on the contrary all worked harmoniously and in perfect unison to make the Association attain its present remarkably satisfactory condition. As to finances, sufficient funds are always available to finance the water works association conventions, the amount to be expended depending on local circumstances. An example of this is given in the 1916 report of Mr. Charles R. Wood, treasurer. It gives receipts, $4,964, and expenses for exhibit at the American Water Works Association convention and entertainment fund, $2,675, besides $1,000 towards the entertainment at the New England Water Works Association convention, making a total expense of $4,490, leaving a credit towards the next year’s account of $474. This, with balance in bank of $1,244, shows the Association at the end of 1910 with $1,719 on hand. Conducted on such fraternal grounds and upon such financial soundness there is not a better managed institution in the country, and for such it is to be congratulated.

W. H. Van Winkle, Past President.Robert E. Milligan, Treasurer and President 1916.


Following is a list of the members on April 30, 1917:

Arnold Hoffman & Co., Allis-Chalmers Co., American City, American Cast Iron Pipe Co., American Foundry & Mfg. Co., American Manganese Bronze Co., American Steel & Wire Co.

Bristol Co., Badger Meter Mfg. Co., Birch Valve & Mfg. Co., Bourbon Copper & Brass Works Co., Builders Iron Foundry, Buffalo Meter Co.

Carbic Mfg. Co., Central Foundry Co., Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Chicago Bridge and Iron Works, Clark, H. W., Co., Columbian Iron Works, Coldwell-Wilcox Co.

Darling Pump & Mfg. Co., Dixon, Jos., Crucible Co.

East Jersey Pipe Co., Eddy Valve Co , Eimer & Amend, Electro Bleaching Gas Co., Engineering News, Engineering Record, Engineering & Contracting, Epping Carpenter Co.

Fairbanks Co.. Farnan Brass Works, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, Flower-Stephens Mfg. Co., Ford Meter Box Co.

Gamon Meter Co., Garlock Packing Co., General Chemical Co., Glamorgan Pipe & Foundry Co., Glauber Brass Mfg. Co.

Harrison Bros. & Co., Inc., Hays Mfg. Co., Hcrmiston, James, Mfg. Co., Hersey Mfg. Co.

Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co.

Layne & Bowler Co., Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co., Leadite Co., Lennig, Chas., & Co., Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co., Lock Joint Pipe Co.

W. C. Sherwood, Past President.

Massillon Iron & Steel Co., McGowan, J. H., Co., Modern Iron Works, Mueller, H., Mfg. Co., Multiplex Mfg. Co., Municipal Journal, Mogul Co.

National Meter Co., National Water Main Cleaning Co., Neptune Meter Co., Norwood Engineering Co., N. Y. Continental Jewell Filtration Co.

Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co., Permutit Co., Pitometer Co., The, Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co., Pittsburgh Filter Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh Meter Co., Platt Iron Works Co.

Silver Tray and Carving Set Presented to Robert E. Milligan.

Rensselaer Valve Co., Rickersberg Brass Co., Ross Valve Mfg. Co.

Sanitary Co. of America, Sanitation Corporation, Simplex Valve & Meter Co., Smith, A. P., Mfg. Co., Standard Asphalt & Rubber Co., Standard Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., S. E. T. Valve & Hydrant Co.

Taylor, W. P., Co., Thomson Meter Co. Union Water Meter Co., United Brass Mfg. Co., United Load Co., United States Cast Iron Pipe & Fdy. Co.

Wallace & Tiernan Co., Inc.. Water Works Equipment Co., Wood, R. D., & Co., Wyckoff, A., & Son Co., Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation.

Presentation to Robert E. Milligan.

Mr. Robert E. Milligan, who filled the position of treasurer for seven years and that of Secretary-Treasurer for two years and wound up his successful services with a presidential term in the Water Works Manufacturers Association for 1916-17, has been a most faithful and efficient officer and his suggestions for its advancement have always been acceptable to the members. It was, therefore, not a surprise that some of his old friends and associates felt that his efforts merited some substantial recognition before he retired from active duty in his last responsible official position. It was a very easy matter to let his friends know what the intention was, and on Friday morning, the last day of the Richmond convention, headed by Mr. Charles R. Wood, they called on Mr. Milligan and presented him with a solid silver tray and carving set, a cut of which, made by this journal, is shown herewith. Mr. Milligan was taken by surprise, and in receiving the gift expressed himself very feelingly on the good will and friendship extended to him which he would always remember when he looked on the beautiful token of their regard presented to him.

Ernest K. Sorensen, Secretary.

There are now 3,563 meters in use by the water department of Taunton, Massaccording to the annual report of the water commissioners for the year ending November 30, 1916. One hundred and fifty-three of these were added during the period covered by the report. The percentage of services metered is 60 1/2 per cent, and the percentage of receipts from metered water, 79 1/2. The use of meters is entirely voluntary with the consumer. The report states that the system of clearing and testing all meters at least once in four years has been continued with entirely satisfactory results. Meters in use by the department were: American, 31 Crown, 50; Empire, 56; Ilersey, 1,128; Keystone, 96; King, 478; Lambert, 441; Nash, 30; Niagara, 1; Standard, 2; Thomson, 159; Trident, 634; Union Rotary, 422; Watch Dog, 5; Worthington, 32.

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