The following is the program for the tournament to be held at Yankton; S. Dak., on June 14-17 under the auspices of the South Dakota State Firemen’s associaton:

Tuesday, June 14—Reception of visitors.

Wednesday, June 15, 10 a.m.—Parade and review, followed by address of welcome and response. Prizes on parade, for the department having the most men in line, $20; for the best appearing department on parade, $10; for the best uniformed new department, silver trumpet; for the department coming the longest distance, firemen’s lantern; for the best appearing piece of apparatus, fancy nozzle. Green hose race for new departments, purse $50; first $30, second $20. Thirty-twoclass hook and ladder race, purse, $50; first $30, second $20, One mile bicycle race, open to riders in South Dakota; purse $25; first $15, second $10. Free for all hose race; purse $75; one money. Single men’s coupling contest; purse $30; first $20, second $10. Hub and hub hook and ladder for green teams; prize, silver trumpet. Tug of wai first heats, purse $25—one money to final winners.

Thursday, June 16—1:00 p m.— I’hree-mile bicycle race; purse $25; four moneys, $10, $5, $5, $5. Championship hose race; purse $100; first $75, second $25. Forty-class hub and hub hook-and-ladder, run 100 yards and raise ladder; prize, firemen’s lantern. Hub and hub hose race, 300 yards, open to the world; purse $50; one money. Free for all hookand-ladder race—purse $75; one money, Hub and hub hose race, 100 yards and lay hose, for green teams; prize, silver trumpet. Ladder climbing contest, purse $30; first $20; second $10. Tug of war; second heats for $25 purse.

Friday, June 17, 1:00 p. m.—Green hook-and-ladder race; purse §50; first $30, second $20. Thirty-one-class hose race; purse $50; first $5; second $20. Double men’s coupling contest; purse $40; first $25, second $15. Championshp hookand-ladder race; purse $100; first $75, second $25. Hub and hub hose race for non-winnerr; prize,fancy trumpet. Fat men’s fifty-yard foot race; prize, one box of cigars. Consolation hook-and-ladder race for non-winners; prize, silver trumpet. Final heat, tug of war; $25 purse to winning team; one box StockwelTs leaf cigars to losers.

Conditions.—All class races will be confined strictly to teams that have never won first money in that class. Losing teams in tug of war contest will not be allowed to compete on following days for $25 purse. Conditions for novelty bicycle race: To winner of first mile $5, second mile $5, race $10, second money $5. Special prizes will be given each day. All races will be called promptly on time. Any team failing to respond promptly when called will be passed out of race.

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