Theatre Destroyed in Toledo, Ohio

Theatre Destroyed in Toledo, Ohio

Three alarms were sounded in rapid succession in the morning recently at Toledo, Ohio, to fight a blaze that totally destroyed the Vita-Temple Theatre. A passerby discovered flames breaking through the roof. The blaze threatened to spread to the Ohio Bank skyscraper and the Richardson Building which flanked the theatre.

The first alarm was sounded at 3:46 a.m. Eleven fire companies responded to the alarms. No one was injured, although ornamental stone copings on the front of the theatre fell to the street at frequent intervals.

Soon after the first company arrived, the northern cupola of the theatre, constructed of nearly five tons of stone, cracked and fell. Ten firemen were directing hose streams less than twelve feet away. Pieces of stone flew about them like shrapnel but no one was struck. The building was constructed more than seventy years ago as a church and it was remodeled as a theatre forty years ago.

Fighting the Three-Alarm Fire at Toledo, Ohio

The fire was under control at 6:17 a.m. The loss was estimated at $120,000. Chief Fred J. Myers was unable to fix the cause of the blaze.

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