There Is Buying

There Is Buying

LAST WEEK we asked a well-known fire equipment salesman — a man who travels most of the time, calling on fire chiefs throughout the country—how he found things in the fire department field. Here’s what he replied:

“There is plenty of business to be had. I find it is not so much that cities have stopped buying as it is that manufacturers are laying down and have practically stopped selling. Salesmen have been taken off the road; advertising has been cut down or stopped.

How can anybody expect to get business that way?”

“Usually I call on a fire chief once a year. Just before the first of the year I traveled through the Northwest and business was so good on this trip I went over the same ground again in March and April. Apparently no one else was covering this territory. I found that most cities had money enough to buy necessities.”

These remarks serve io confirm whalwe have said right along. It is good proof, isn’t it, that fhe field is alive for the manufacturer who is alive?

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