There’s Nothing Sweeter

There’s Nothing Sweeter

WHILE we do not make a practice of soliciting testimonials, it always pleases us, quite naturally, to hear the nice things our readers say spontaneously about FIRE ENGINEERING.

Here, for example, are some of the typical comments we receive from time to time:

“FIRE ENGINEERING is all that can be asked for in a firemanic magazine.” — Chief Howard B. Harrington, Baldwimvillc, N. Y.

“I am convinced of the value of FIRE ENGINEERING as a guide and practical help to Volunteer Fire Officers, and if placed in the hands of more of them the magazine would greatly increase their efficiency in fire fighting and in the handling of their departments.”—First Ass’t. Chief John G. Padberg, Bergen field, N. J.

• Of course criticism is just as welcome as praise. If there is any subject you don’t think we are covering properly, or if you can suggest any way FIRE ENGINEERING can be made of greater value and interest to you, please let us know. We get a great kick out of changing brickbats into bouquets.


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