Thermostat Controls Coded Fire Signal

Thermostat Controls Coded Fire Signal

Mounted on the ceilings of many homes and business places of Lawrence, Kan., are thermostats that send in a coded fire alarm signal to a central fire alarm office when the heat melts the fusible contacts. Reference to the signal gives the firemen the exact location of the fire. When the alarm is received, the door of the central fire station is automatically opened, For this fire protection service, the resident is charged one dollar a year.

Lawrence is the first city to give a franchise for the operation of this fire alarm signal system. George C. Shaad, Dean of the School of Engineering, University of Kansas, tested the system for the city and reported:

“Short circuits or crosses can be located at once, as can the accidental grounds. In the case of an open line, the open line can be by-passed by grounding switches and the line will operate over one side until the opening is found and repaired.

“All essential signals and operations are in duplicate or in many instances there are several signals or methods of operation to care for any emergency conditions which may arise.”

Fire Station Opened in S. Haven, Mich.—The new fire house in South Haven. Mich., was formally opened.

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