They Like the Pep!

They Like the Pep!

OUR readers seem to like the results of our effort to make FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING the livest possible magazine for those interested in the kindred subjects of Water Supply and Fire Protection. Some call it Big League stuff.

SUPERINTENDENT Len Yocom, of the Union Water Co., out at Areata, California, has just written us:

Enclosed herewith find draft in settlement for one year’s subscription to the Magazine with the Pep and more information to water works men than any we have seen.

May the coming year find you batting 1.000 and still giving us big league stuff.

THANKS, friend. We are going to try our darndest to bat 1.000 right through our season, which lasts twelve months in the year.

PERHAPS your suggestions will help us keep up our fielding as well as our batting average. How about it?

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