Thinks Captain Gasser Has Found Weak Spot

Thinks Captain Gasser Has Found Weak Spot

Indian Orchard, Mass., February 5, 1920.

To the Editor:

In the issue of January 1, 1920, there is an able article by Captain C. Albert Gasser, Inspector of Bureau of Combustibles and Fire Risks, Newark, N. J. I think that Captain Gasser has pointed out the weak spot in the fire prevention campaign when he calls attention to the fact that the literature on the subject does not reach the average man nor the housekeeper in the private dwelling where a large percentage of fires occurs from carelessness. I should like to see every city and town have men from the uniformed force talk on the subject of Fire Prevention at gatherings such as Lodge Room smoke talks and in school rooms. In the lower grades in school, where it is possible, there should be motion picture films shown of a nature to impress on the minds of small children the danger of playing with fire and matches. As a great many fires in homes come from defective flues or pipes passing through partitions, cities and towns should have ordinances inflicting penalties for fires from these causes. If the uniformed force were detailed to inspect all houses at least once a year and see that stove pipes are properly insulated where they pass through partitions or enter chimneys and that the chimney is clean, a great deal will have been accomplished. The newspapers published should be appealed to for help, as they could do much by headlining all fires reported by the chief as due to carelessness and also by carrying a top sheet head such as: “Help Prevent Fires by Being Careful.” The Insurance Companies could be of great assistance in this campaign if, after receiving a report of a hazardous condition from a chief, they should notify the policy holder that his insurance would be cancelled if the condition were not remedied. These are just a few suggestions from a private, which I trust, may be of some benefit in this fight.


Springfield Fire Dept.,

Springfield, Mass.

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